Build your business with Revive!

When Scott Hayward took early retirement after 22 years in the Army, rejoining Civvy Street could have been daunting to say the least. However, after considering his options, looking to his strengths, his interests and even his loves, Scott quickly found his niche

Thanks to a franchise opportunity afforded by Revive!, a mobile paint and car bodywork repair service, Scott Hayward has successfully carved a new career, and business, and hasn’t looked back.

“Right from the start I fancied the idea of working for myself. Beyond that it was simply a case of what would I’d like to do,” he explains. “Travelling up and down the motorways noticing all the vehicles with varying kinds of damage got me thinking about repairs.

“I have always loved cars and once even restored a 1970 camper van as a hobby. I realised work in this field would be perfect!” Scott looked into franchising and knew immediately he was heading in the right direction.

“I did look at other opportunities,” he says, “but after going to a Revive! open day and seeing the training and support they provided, that really sold it for me.

“Having the opportunity to build a business instead of just being a ‘man in a van’ also appealed to me. It was too good an opportunity to miss.”

Revive! provides a mobile SMART repair service for minor damages to vehicles including bumper scuffs and paint repairs.

Scott soon realised he could also put all of his military training and experience to good use, too.

“There’s no doubt my military skills have helped. Dealing with different situations, being confident, honest and reliable are central to a career in the military.

“Working as part of a team, but also working on your own and having the confidence to do so, is vital. It’s no different from being in the Army really. Plan the night before, make sure you have the correct equipment to do the job and always be on time. The only difference is you are dealing with the general public and customer service is a must.”

Scott is already hoping to expand his operation across Wolverhampton within the next five years. He offers the following tips to anyone thinking of taking up a franchise.

“Make sure you have researched the franchise properly and thoroughly. Just because it’s worked in some other areas, it doesn’t mean it would work in yours,” he advises.

“Pick something you are interested in and look at the growth potential of the franchise. Look at the training package and more importantly the support after the initial training.

“You also have to consider carefully the cost of the franchise and any potential hidden costs, of course.”

Finally, how is Scott really finding it back in Civvy Street? “Easy! Instead of working with real guns, I just now use paint guns instead,” he laughs.