Revive! continues its fast growth in 2011

Revive! UK provides a paint repair service for minor damage to vehicles. Last year saw the company win a number of accolades including the prestigious bfa/HSBC-sponsored, Franchisor of the Year Award for Franchise Support.

For many businesses there were a number of reasons to be miserable in 2010, including snow bookending the year, which disrupted work and traffic; and an economy very slowly rising from a recession

Revive! UK, however, emerged from 2010 with record network sales and is enjoying continued growth in 2011. The brand’s Operations Director Terry Mullen was delighted by Revive! UK’s outstanding achievements in 2010 and of the continued strength in the partnership with its franchise network.

“It’s true that 2010 presented serious challenges at times with the lack of consumer confidence,” she says.

“However, being a service-driven business, we are fortunate that we are not just reliant on passing customers but have the opportunity to go and get work on a daily basis.

“Our business model means that by empowering our franchise owners in this way and giving them strong sales techniques, there is a direct route to our primary market.

“The relationship that we have with our network is key to our success. It is a true partnership where the values that the company has to provide excellent service – which to be honest are not matched by anyone within our sector – are completely understood and delivered by our franchise owners.”

Last year, Revive! UK won a number of accolades including the prestigious British Franchise Association/HSBC Franchisor of the Year Award for Franchise Support but Terry insists that the awards will not affect the Revive! team.

“We are a very grounded company,” she explains. “While it was fantastic to win the award for Franchise Support, we think this is recognition of the strength of our partnership with our franchise owners.

“Our franchise owners are professional individuals working with the most credible company in the sector – the combination works really well as last years sales show and we are really looking forward to continued growth in 2011.”

Revive!’s five to watch in 2011

Revive! UK’s five to watch in 2011 all display traits of high quality workmanship and excellence in their delivery of the service.

Dan Normanton (North)

Dan’s (pictured top) growth over the past two years has been staggering with his sales approaching £500,000. His team of technicians work extremely hard to deliver extremely high quality service levels.

“There is no way round hard work – it’s a key for any successful businesses,” says Dan.

Byron Lindsay (South East)

Byron (pictured right, top) added a third van in 2010 and his business continues to flourish.

“Increasing my dealer portfolio and adding another van to the business are key goals for this year,” reveals Byron.

Huw James (South West)

Huw (pictured right, second from top) started his franchise in March 2010 and has already established himself within the local territory.

Key aspects of the success Huw has had are the ongoing support and relationship with Revive! head office, and an ethos of hard work.

“This means that customers always get a first class job! With the start I have had I am expecting to put a second van on the road later this year,” he says.

Russell Hudson (Midlands)

Russell (pictured right, second from bottom) grew his operation to four vans in 2010 and focused on expanding the dealer base winning a number of new accounts.

“The real bug bear for customers is the lack of reliability in the sector and poor quality. We aim to excel in both areas and as a result, have managed to push the business on significantly,” explains Russell.

Davie Quinn (Scotland)

Davie (pictured bottom) added a van to his operation and grew sales in 2010.

“Competitors just can’t compete with the level of service that we can provide and we look forward to building on the work done in 2010,” he says