Exceed your earning expectations with Revive!

The economic climate is boosting sales for Revive! Auto Innovations franchisee Dan Normanton, who is experiencing a huge demand for his services as more Britons turn to the SMART repair franchise to make their cars look as good as new

As new car sales continue to fall, work is busier than ever for Revive! Auto Innovations franchisee Dan Normanton. Dan joined the SMART repair (small to medium area repair technique) franchise in April 2007 and operates the Manchester territory. In its first year, his business exceeded its projected turnover and generated a net profit of £79,000. As a result Dan and his family have been able to buy a bigger house in a nicer area.

'Garages are having a hard time selling new cars at the moment because people simply cannot justify the expense,' explains Dan. 'Instead people are downgrading their large cars for smaller, more economical second hand ones or are improving the look of their existing motors by hiring me to remove the scuffs and scratches from the bodywork.

'My clients vary, a lot of my work comes from garages that are keen to make their second-hand car selection look as good as new and better than the competition. Another large stream of business is people who own vehicles such as Land Rovers and are looking to sell on their vehicles quickly. There is a huge demand for my service at the moment to the point where I have even had to turn down jobs because I have been fully booked.'

Investing in the Revive! Auto Innovations franchise was a logical step for Dan, who had worked for the franchise as a paint technician for eight years. He says: 'I have always had a keen interest in cars and motorbikes. Initially I trained as a motorbike technician. I decided to invest in the Revive! franchise when my child was born, my wife and I needed extra money and I realised that by becoming my own boss and operating my own franchise my earning potential would increase.

'I enjoyed my job and lacked the business acumen to start up my own SMART repair business from scratch, so investing in the franchise was an ideal solution. I could be my own boss and benefit from ongoing support and training. So far I have not been disappointed, Revive! takes care of the payroll, accounts and debt collecting which is a huge benefit. Head office provides ongoing telephone support so you never feel isolated and generates leads so you always have a steady stream of work. My wife is also very supportive and looks after the banking and post, which means I am able to focus on the job at hand.

'What has helped with the transition from Revive! employee to Revive! franchisee is persuading my old boss to sell the Manchester territory to me. This means I have not had to relocate and am on the same route I have worked for eight years so already have an established client base.'
At the moment Dan has two vans and one employee operating in his territory. He plans to employ another paint technician in the near future, which will allow him to spend more time with his family.

Interview by Jess Sturman