'Personally very rewarding'

With a £250,000 turnover in his sights, David Baxendale is ambitious in building his business while taking extra satisfaction from the flexibility his business affords

Although Revive! Auto Innovations franchise owner David Baxendale admits that making money is a big motivation, it is not the only reason he enjoys running his business: "It's the independence and freedom that this franchise brings that are the real achievements. Also, it is great to see people who have worked for me as employees move on to invest in their own Revive! franchise. This has happened a couple of times now and while it means I have to take someone else on to replace them, it is personally very rewarding."

Prior to launching his Manchester-based Revive! Auto Innovations franchise in 2004, David worked as an IT consultant. "I made it clear to the Revive! team when I started my franchise that I intended to continue my IT consultancy," he explains, "and they worked with me to develop a business model that would allow this. Together we recruited a technician to work with me in the business from day one, while I was able to build the initial business with him, but also continue the IT work.

"This isn't the typical franchise model, and I wouldn't recommend it to everyone, but it has worked very well for me. I looked at franchising for this very reason - I knew that I wanted to start a business, but also knew that I would need support to do this in the way I wanted and with Revive! this looked possible."

As well as the five weeks of training David received before launching his business he has enjoyed ongoing support from the Revive! Auto Innovations head office. Furthermore David's business is benefiting from work passed on by head office. "The big benefit I'm seeing today is the latest national account that head office has brought in," David says. "We are piloting an account with National Tyres across the North West at the moment and we have two major branches in our areas, so this is a big opportunity for us to take the business up a notch. For me this means the chance to take another van and employee on."

This year David is set to gain a turnover of £200,000 and by the end of 2011 he is confident he will have reached his target of £250,000. Despite his financial success David admits that running his Revive! Auto Innovations business is hard work. "I'm a lot busier now than before running my Revive! franchise, as managing the franchise and continuing to do the IT work make for busy days," he comments. "The financial rewards however, make it worthwhile and with a growing family it means we can afford a nicer house and the occasional holiday."

With this success behind him David is optimistic about the future of his business. "One of my employees has now bought into the business and is a great business partner," he relates. "My plan is to grow the business sufficiently to allow him to take over the management in the next five years. The challenge is maintaining the current levels of growth over that time, but it will happen."

Reported by Derin Ibrahim