“The key to successful franchising is to have a strong partnership with your franchise owners.”

Revive! a brand with a reputation for quality

Revive! has developed a reputation for high quality in the SMART repair sector that Operations Director Terry Mullen puts down to the strong bond the company has with its franchise owners. “Revive! has grown significantly over the past couple of years – but we couldn’t have done that without our franchise owners being successful,” she explains.

“Franchising is all about developing a relationship with franchise owners and the key to successful franchising, in my opinion, is to develop a strong partnership with the franchise owners. This way, the franchise owners buy into the brand and understand why they have to deliver the brand’s promise.” Revive! builds its business with franchise owners who understand they must provide outstanding service and that working for yourself is not an easy option for getting rich.

Hard work is essential

“We have to ensure that new franchise owners understand that hard work is a prerequisite of working for yourself,” continues Terry. “Sometimes people can think that because of the reputation that Revive! has, life will be easy – it’s not!”

Revive!: recruiting team players

“However we do have the systems and support in place to allow those who follow the system and work hard to be hugely successful – but it is so important that we recruit the right people, we will have to turn some down if we do not think they will fit into our team.”

Qualities that succeed

“The upshot of our hard work and investment in the brand is that we have a fabulous network of franchise owners who we are proud of and who work in partnership with us to continue to develop the Revive! brand,” adds Terry.

“The proof can be seen in the fact that at our seventh Annual Conference, the turnout was 97 per cent which, while not a complete surprise, was a lovely compliment.

“The most common comment from the network was about how much we do for them and we see no reason to change as our success continues.”

Customer Service commitment

Revive! franchise owners all understand the value of excellent customer service in a sector not known for high service values.

Huw James (pictured right, top), a relative newcomer to the Revive! franchise network, has immediately understood customer expectations and delivered exceptional results.

Huw explains: “I came into the business wanting to provide a great service and I have quickly seen the incredible results you can get by delivering this service promise.”

Quality workmanship

There is no doubt that Revive! trains its franchise owners to the highest standards within the industry. “Our quality is significantly better than anyone else,” says Russell Hudson (pictured right, second from top), whose business has grown to a five-van operation that continued to expand even through the recent recession.

Revive! is the only company to have earned an external qualification for its technical standards and that accredits its franchise owners with the IMI approved quality award.

High sales

Sales is a big part of any business organisation and it would be wrong to enter a business without understanding the importance of sales.

Adam Smith’s (pictured right, second from bottom) business has grown rapidly within a short space of time and sees the opportunity to grow further.

“My reason for joining Revive! was to grow a business rather than to simply paint cars,” he says. “I have seen that the model works – there is profit in growing a business and this allows me to manage and run my business. This means we will have our fourth technician on board within two years.”

Fantastic rewards

The risks of working for yourself are obviously greater but the rewards, likewise, will be far more important when you are successful. Dan Normanton (pictured right, bottom) has built a fabulous business based on providing outstanding service and technical excellence.

He says: “There is no doubt that hard work is a foundation for the work I do and I expect this of my employees also. But the rewards for all are apparent at the end of the month and our customers appreciate the work we do.”