'You feel part of a big family'

Revive! franchisees prosper despite the credit crunch Revive! Auto Innovations franchisees have not been affected by the credit crunch as people turn to the SMART (small to medium area repair technique) franchise to make their old cars look as good as new

The economic instability and rise in living costs is having a negative impact on new car sales, with the industry reporting a 13 per cent decline in new car registrations in July earlier this year. The Chief Executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders feels this figure 'reflects the continued deterioration in consumer confidence being experienced across the economy'.

Instead consumers are turning to SMART repair (small to medium area repair technique) franchise Revive! Auto Innovations to remove scuffs and scratches from their old cars to make them look as good as new.

Franchisee Paul Brimelow explains: 'I launched my Crawley-based franchise in July earlier this year and have found that car dealerships and the public are keen to use my SMART repair service, as a lot of people can afford to 'spruce up' their old cars but cannot afford a brand new one. Dealerships are selling more second-hand cars so if a customer wants scratches and scuffs touched up before the purchase is made final I am called in.'

Other Revive! Auto Innovations franchisees are also experiencing a steady stream of work. Franchisee Scott Atkinson (pictured above right) who owns the Leicester territory has found that domestic clients in his area are willing to spend money on their existing vehicles. He says: 'My decision to invest a lot of money and time leafleting in residential and retail areas throughout my territory has paid off. I have had an excellent response and have not been affected by the economic slowdown. In fact I am on target to achieve my projected first year turnover of £60,000.'

With its comprehensive franchise package, Revive! Auto Innovations offers prospective franchisees the opportunity to work for themselves outdoors, with ongoing support and training from the franchisor. The training course is five-weeks long and covers both the practical and theoretical aspects of running the business, while head office is always on the other end of the phone to answer franchisees' queries so that they never feel completely on their own. Revive! Auto Innovations provides its franchisees with a large territory. This means there is plenty of scope to expand the business.

Alex Li (pictured right), who owns the West Lothian-based franchise, says: 'Revive! Auto Innovations appealed because it offered a large territory size so I could fulfil my ambition of being my own boss and managing a multi-van enterprise. I launched my business in April earlier this year, so while I am establishing the business I only have one van on the road. I am on course for my first year turnover of £50,000 so I should be able to afford two more vans in the foreseeable future. The benefits of being part of Revive! Auto Innovations are that you feel part of a big family and are working outdoors, meeting new people on a daily basis.'

Interview by Jess Sturman