Right at Home Franchisee Tim Haigh

Tim Haigh opened Right at Home's first franchise in August 2011. Watch him speaking about his story with Right at Home.

Video Transcript

I've been a franchisee for just over three years. Previous to joining Right at Home I was a Journalist by profession and my corporate life ended up at as a Head of Communications for a large media company.

So I began looking at franchising in 2011, when I left the corporate world, and decided I wanted to run my own business. I didn't want to run a business in PR and communications, the field I was working in, so I looked around for other opportunities and, through a franchise broker, came to Right at Home.

I looked at a number of different franchising sectors, but settled on home care because it's a business, that I thought then, would fit my personality, and it would allow me to do something really valuable in my community, which is where I wanted to be based.

So, what attracted me to Right at Home was the fact that it was a care agency focussed on providing quality care, which was important. It also had an impressive track record in the States - I was the first Right at Home owner in the UK, so I had no one else to compare notes with or talk to, but I did talk to other owners in the States and they spoke very highly of the company.

I obviously met with Ken Deary and him and I got on really well, and I really liked his vision for Right at Home. I mean I knew that the model was going to work because it worked for other companies and I knew with Right at Home, and Ken who was a great franchisor, obviously with a great track record who'd invest in me as an early franchisee, I thought it would be a big success.

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