Riverford Organic Vegetables: Give yourself an organic future...Join our growing succes

Devon based Riverford Organic Vegetables, the country's leading organic vegetable home delivery service, is developing more regional farms to enable it to extend the national coverage of its franchise network.

A FOUR time winner in the prestigious Soil Association/ You Magazine Organic Food Awards, Riverford Organic Vegetables is providing a vital link between consumers and the farm through its organic box scheme. Satisfying increasing consumer concerns over how and where their food is produced, Riverford is the first organic food franchise in the UK.

With its partner farms, Riverford represents one of the largest organic vegetable producer groups in the UK, producing over 85 different vegetables on 3000 acres of organic land in South Devon. Riverford is certificated by the Soil Association which ensures all its produce is grown to controlled standards and guaranteed to be 100% organic. This enables Riverford franchisees to guarantee quality and continuity throughout the year. Through franchising, Riverford has established an exciting, ethical and unique business opportunity for enthusiastic people who want to join its growing success. With no requirement for prior experience, Riverford is looking for people who understand and believe in the organic product and can communicate the Riverford story.

Riverford is now launching a third network farm in Yorkshire called River Swale Organic Vegetables. Expanding on the success of Riverford and River Nene Organic Vegetables, River Swale will service 15 new territories across the North East from Newcastle down to Skegness. With their own distinct regional identity, River Swale franchisees will benefit from the same great package enjoyed by the 65 existing Riverford and River Nene franchisees operating in the Midlands and South of the UK.

There is already a strong interest in the River Swale, with 2 territories already secured. Don't miss your chance to secure an organic business success.

Ian Johnston from the Derby franchise tells us how his life has changed...

Like most franchisees, delivering organic vegetables is a complete change of career and lifestyle for me. I've traded a 6am flight from Chicago to New York for a 30 minute drive on the A50. Instead of expense account lunches at Chicago's great restaurants I'm living the high-life with a BLT from the Shell garage on the A6. A 10-12 hour day of tedious meetings and stress has been replaced by 18 hours of optimistically clicking on 'New Customers'. Of course I've also got rid of the various bosses, who all knew so much less than me. No more office politics and game playing and I no longer live in dread of the 2 am call from London to tell me the computer has crashed.

While the occasional complaint about bruised apples is inevitable, our customers are much more tolerant and polite than my previous clients. A very welcome change for the better.