Sadie The Bra Lady Darlington

About Sadie The Bra Lady

The core of the business is the sale of fitted bras. The nature of the business is such that a significant number of customers can be expected to place repeat orders and, therefore, the wider the customer base, the better the prospect for an increasing volume of repeat business.

Information surrounding the customer base will be discussed during negotiations and a full listing of the customer base will be provided at the point of exchange.

Business risk is considerably reduced in a well-established and successful franchise such as Sadie The Bra Lady. The purchase of an established location with a growth record and profit trend further reduces downside risk. Additionally, the new franchise owner avoids the negative cash flow which arises during the initial development phase of a new location.

Current Owner

An acknowledged self-publicist, Sadie has used her strong, warm, caring personality to raise the profile of the business. This culminated in the award of Draper’s Record, Lingerie Retailer of the Year 2000.

In addition she has been presented with business awards every following year until 2010 when she was again awarded Lingerie Retailer of the Year.

The business has featured on several television programmes and she has been interviewed several times on radio because of her revolutionary bra fitting method. A regular on the women’s lecture circuit in the North East, Sadie’s diary is often booked two years ahead.

Guide Price: £49,995.00