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Introducing another treatment from leading carpet and upholstery cleaning franchise Safeclean

The introduction of Allergy-Out, launched in February, is part of an ongoing development plan within Safeclean to keep their franchisees at the forefront of the cleaning industry. 'Franchisees have already had customers calling them to find out more about this new organic allergen treatment,' comments Franchise Operations Manager Paul Fennell. 'This compliments our unique organic cleaning process. The resulting increased public interest has been significant. It's a really exciting time for the Safeclean brand.'

The Allergy-Out treatment is a new service offered by Safeclean which neutralises air and surface allergens such as pollen, animal dander, dust mites and mould spores. The active ingredient Auxillase is a naturally occurring enzyme derived from the Papaya fruit. The treatment has been proven to significantly reduce the symptoms of some of the most common allergies, including hay fever, rhinitis, eczema and asthma. Safeclean customers can now have their homes safely treated to reduce the strain imposed during suffering, as well as improving their quality of life. 'This is another addition to our popular organic range,' Paul concludes, 'and there's more to come!'

With over 37 years of experience in franchising and the furniture care market Safeclean, which is part of Guardsman Furniture Solutions Group, is in the perfect position to react first to the changing marketplace. 'We listen to our customers,' says Franchise Development Executive Emily Webster. 'We hear all the time of customers asking if we have such treatments available. With the number of sufferers in the UK increasing we felt it was time to adopt this anti-allergen system.'

Safeclean uses a unique organic cleaning system. We provide franchisees with an exclusive territory with over 7,000 customers from day one. This is thanks to our unique link to Guardsman, the UK's leading provider of Furniture Protection Programmes. Only Safeclean is recommended to maintain the furniture of over two million Guardsman policy holders. There are over 70 successful Safeclean franchises operating throughout the UK.

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