Get The Best Possible Start

Backed by a comprehensive training programme, Safeclean franchise owners are launching businesses of the highest professional standards

Failure in the early stages is the outcome for many companies offering carpet and soft furnishings cleaning services. This business is not simply about purchasing a hot water extraction machine and a few chemicals, hiring a vehicle and going on a training course. It's about building a serious growth business offering a professional service, preferably backed by a brand with national contract work.

With a Safeclean franchise you are taking on a completely tried and trusted concept that has been fine-tuned to succeed. We provide a comprehensive training package that covers marketing, accounts management and extensive theoretical training which aims to make you fully conversant with the industry, as well as the practical side to removing stains using the correct products and methods.

Safeclean holds multiple training sessions, each taking place over several days, covering topics such as how to sell the service, why and how to carry out a pre-clean survey and how to engage with the customer. Instead of the 'one machine does everything' approach, Safeclean gives guidance on how and when to use a variety of machines and products to make sure that the item that is going to be cleaned is done so effectively and safely.

Franchise owners are given an in-depth look at how to analyse carpets and fabrics to identify the various fibres and construction details so that they can make the right decision on what product is to be used or what particular cleaning method is applicable. Nothing is left out. As a result, Safeclean franchise owners pride themselves on achieving a first time fix rate of 80 per cent.

Our franchise owners use the most powerful and effective machines on the market, and we have made a conscious corporate decision to use the most eco-friendly solutions available. Our systems have rapid drying times, minimising the time furniture or carpets are out of action.

We know we've done a good job in preparing our franchise owners when we hear them say: 'I didn't know that there was so much to learn!' Knowledge is confidence and we want our franchise owners to go out into the community having all the knowledge and confidence to do a good job, safely. As a major franchise operation in the UK, Safeclean ensures that all new franchise owners joining an already effective team have the tools to achieve the best possible start to their new business.