Safeclean franchise owner starts earning from day one

Recently launched Safeclean franchise owner Ryan Dowling hit the ground running from day one of launching his business

Newly launched Safeclean franchise owner Ryan Dowling is hoping that running his own business will not only provide him with a good income but also with the independence he craves. "I previously worked in sales, however I began looking into franchising as I wanted to earn more money and to be in charge of my day to day life as well as in control of my future," recalls Ryan.

"When I came across Safeclean it immediately appealed to me because I would be able to earn an income from day one. Additionally, I would be able to work in almost all weather conditions and the cleaning was not dangerous or demanding."

Safeclean is a furnishing-care franchise that provides its cleaning services to retailers and manufacturers as well as individual home owners. The services that franchise owners offer include cleaning a range of carpets, upholstery and stain removal and protection.

To ensure that he was fully prepared and comfortable carrying out the cleaning, Ryan completed a two and a half week training course provided by Safeclean. "The training covered everything from carpet and upholstery cleaning to marketing my business and using the company systems," reveals Ryan. "After the training I felt confident in launching my business and I began marketing my franchise through leaflet drops and getting my website up and running. This paid off as in my first few days of trading I successfully completed three jobs."

As part of the Safeclean franchise package Ryan has been provided with ongoing support, he explains: "If I need any help or advice I am able to either phone or email head office and I will always get a reply. I have also been provided with a three month management plan, which someone from head office contacts me regularly to support me with and ensures that I'm on track with my business."

Although Ryan has only recently launched his business he is already hoping to take on another territory. "I'm 50 and hopefully my Safeclean business will take me to retirement and then I plan to pass it onto my daughter. In my first year of trading I'm concentrating on establishing my business and working towards hitting my first year turnover target. I'm hoping I will get the minimum in eight to 10 months and then after 12 months hit the full target. In the long-term future I might look at expanding my business by taking on another territory and employees."

Reported by Derin Ibrahim

Initial Investment Requirement

The package price starts at £16,350 + VAT. This includes: franchise licence, database, exclusive territory, training, equipment, van deposit, extensive marketing materials, initial marketing programmes, communications package and computer software.