The revolutionary fat burning pod

A groundbreaking weight loss invention – the sásta fat burning pod – has become available as a franchise business. Jane Denny investigates the franchise offering behind the latest weapon in the battle of the bulge.

sásta is a revolutionary health, fitness and weight loss exercise pod invented in Ireland. The word is Gaelic for happy and is pronounced ‘sauce ta’.

The sásta pod is the brainchild of Fiona Egan – a former accountant who has battled weight problems her whole life. She finally slimmed herself down after hitting upon the idea of creating a vacuumed exercise pod.

The sásta pod is a treadmill-based exercise machine. When inside, clients wear a special suit which seals the vacuum. This results in the creation of negative pressure, which accelerates fat burn and is up to five times more effective than regular exercise.

Thirty-minute workouts improve fitness levels and are great for inch and cellulite loss. The sásta franchise combines exercise with a nutrition education programme, body sculpting and toning programme, body fat composition and body measuring. One-to-one coaching guarantees clients will drop one clothes size in their first four weeks or get a 100 per cent refund.

In the past Fiona provided mentoring for start-up businesses. Having established her own accountancy practice she knows a lot about self-employment – experience that will serve her franchisees well. Fiona sold her accountancy practice in 2006 began and began researching the sásta pod invention three years later. By Fiona’s accounts, a sásta studio is certainly a viable business proposition and, with obesity one of the UK’s biggest social welfare issues, the sásta fat buster machine’s potential marketplace is huge.

Fiona says: “Each machine can bring in €5,000 revenue per month so a studio with four sásta machines will bring in revenue of €20,000 each month. Whoever takes this on in the UK will be laughing all the way to the bank, I’m telling you. This really works and as soon as more people start realising what we have got here, it’s going to be absolutely huge.”

According to Fiona’s research, it is possible to drop as much as one dress size in as little as one month – that’s 13 half-hour sessions undertaken alongside a healthy eating plan and general day-to-day activity.

Joe Whyte, who helped produce the 250kg machines, describes the theory behind the unusual pods as “actually quite simple”.

Because the pod user wears a belted ‘skirt’ made of neoprene – the material of wet suits – inside the machine their body is subject to a ‘negative pressure vacuum’. Joe says: “The pressure sucks the belt down and pulls the person down onto the treadmill. It’s that even distribution of force down onto the treadmill that is significant. People are exercising against the pod’s resistance, they are under pressure so they are burning many more calories and burning them faster. The heart beats a lot quicker.”

Already, there are four sásta studio franchises in Ireland.

Studio co-owner, Lisa Garvin decided to take on the franchise after trying out the pods and losing nearly 40lbs. Similarly, Mary O’Connor brought her franchise after her husband lost nearly 30lbs.
Her sister Joanne hardly needed persuading that swapping her financial career for the chance to run a sásta studio was a good idea. After signing up with a sásta studio as a client and losing 10lbs from her first seven sessions, she knew her entrepreneurial future lie within a franchise with the revolutionary machine.

sasta’s pods are underpinned by two pending worldwide patents – a patent can protect a brand’s intellectual property for 20 years. Fiona’s patents are currently registered with the World Intellectual Property Office and, should Fiona choose, she can legally prevent imitation of her invention by rival weight loss firms.

What this means for sásta franchise owners is that a potential franchise owner is guaranteed the exclusive right to offer the service to their customers within their territory. No rival gym can purchase or replicate the sásta fitness pod.

The machines are manufactured by Innovative Fitness Solutions and include a touch screen device where users choose the level they wish to work at from eight programmes.