Changing the shape of the weight loss industry

The Franchise Magazine investigates how the Carrick on Shannon branch of sásta fitness, the award-winning franchise is achieving unprecedented results for its customers in improved health, fitness and weight loss.

The sásta business model is based on the revolutionary fat burning fitness pod, a tailored nutrition plan and toning programme, leading to accelerated weight loss. Franchise owners operate this weight loss and fitness business in carefully selected locations. It provides clients with a service that gives the benefit of a two-hour workout in just 30 minutes through its unique fitness pods, only available for use in sásta fitness and weight loss studios.

sásta is looking for franchise owners who are passionate about improving the lives of their clients through greater understanding of the importance of combining exercise with good nutrition. In addition to the fat burning pod workout, sásta works like a personal trainer for customers, with one-to-one coaching, whereby the sásta team are committed to motivating their clients to achieve their goals without feeling deprived and in a fun way. The sásta format is so successful it comes with a consumer money back guarantee – compelling advertising invites users to ‘Get in the shape of your life with the GUARANTEED sásta format.’

For new franchise owners, it is the weight loss concept they are investing in – a truly revolutionary product with proven results to render weight loss solutions, as we know them, obsolete in the future. Fiona Egan is the driving force behind the sásta franchise and has worked tirelessly to get the business to where it is today – on the brink of corporate explosion. To accredit the sásta fitness pods further, Fiona approached a professor Niall Moyna, Professor in the School of Health and Human Performance at Dublin City University and Associate Director of the Vascular Health Research Centre to conduct validation trials using the fitness pod.

His results found the pod to be a true innovation in the weight loss field. Professor Moyna says: “The sásta fitness pod has phenomenal potential to assist individuals to lose weight and body fat while exercising at lower intensities than any other form of exercise. The short 30 minute sásta exercise sessions will contribute to a major change in obesity figures and change people’s lives forever.”

A business model constantly evolving

sásta franchise owners benefit hugely from being part of an innovative business that is dedicated to constantly bringing in new ideas. This month, the Alter G concept is changing lives in sásta locations in Carrick on Shannon and across the franchise network.

Alter G use allows clients to walk or run at between 20 and 100 per cent of their body weight, allowing clients with injuries to exercise painlessly. Athletes tell us they love Alter G for maintaining fitness levels and speeding up recovery from injury.

Alter G is different because



  • It defies gravity by applying a lifting force to the body that reduces weight on the lower body
  • It enables athletes to train with their natural gait and rhythm.
  • It helps reduce the time required for patients, particularly older adults, to recover from injury or surgery.
  • “I have had over 20 operations on my right hip and had a total replacement in 2006. I was introduced to the Alter G at sásta in Carrick on Shannon. The manager, Paul, with his team, totally put me at my ease and helped me on to the Alter G, where I was able to walk unaided using 30 per cent of my body weight. I have used Alter G about five times now, and for the last two sessions, I have run non-stop for 50 minutes. May I just say that I have not run since I was a teenager - the feeling was unbelievable. It has certainly made me stronger and is helping enormously in getting me back to walking unaided.“

    Jakki Brannigan, Sales Manager with the Sligo Weekender