sásta is… The Opportunity of a Lifetime

When Irish health and fitness brand sásta burst onto the market 18 months ago, it was a business with masses of potential that, experts generally agreed, could change the health and fitness industry forever. Gareth Samuel investigates how this unique business has exceeded many expectations and catches up on the progress of its first ever UK franchise operation, in Brighton.

When an unknown quantity comes to market and makes waves throughout an industry, it can be difficult to define exactly what franchise owners are buying into. Through 12 months of successful development, sásta investors can be sure that this offering is built on genuine demand.

sásta is…Unique

As USP’s go, this incredible sásta fitness pod is right at the very top of the list. The product works through a vacuum seal in a pod over the top of a treadmill. This enables customers to lose weight at a much faster rate than if they were simply using a standard treadmill or exercise bike.

The pod has been the heartbeat of this business since it first began trading just last year. It has enabled its customers of all shapes, sizes and ages in Ireland to lose weight and improve their fitness at rates they would not have dreamed of before. In fact the sásta team are so sure of the quality of their product that they offer a money-back guarantee to customers who do not achieve their weight loss goals within a four-week time frame.

The business has been built around this pod and has developed into a concept much less intimidating than a standard Gym or weight loss studio. Through the addition of bespoke nutritional plans, one-to-one coaching and scheduled training sessions, sásta engineers weight loss in each client individually. In a world where appearance is of increasing importance, sásta is providing hundreds of people with the confidence to achieve their goals through this completely one-of-a-kind business offering.

Sásta is…Customers

sásta’s successes as a franchise have come through its complete customer-focus as a business. Testimonials, health professionals’ and doctors’ reports, as well as clear weight loss results, have given sásta an incredible reputation throughout Ireland, and increasingly in the UK, as a solid gold business.

The business has been heavily featured in national newspapers and relevant trade magazines over the past 12 months, which has resulted in the brand becoming a countrywide phenomenon in Ireland. With cover promotions in Irish Country Living magazine as well as long features in leading newspapers and TV coverage via a popular weight loss reality show, sásta has attracted attention from a range of different demographics.

sásta is…Marketing

A major difficulty for business owners, and one that is often overlooked, is gaining the attention and interest of customers in the first place. Through the sásta central graphic design and marketing team, franchise owners can be sure that their business will be a hit within the community from day one.

Through leaflet, poster and press advertising over a prolonged and measured period of time, sásta franchise owners benefit from a nationally recognised brand in Ireland. This model will be duplicated in the UK as franchises are recruited. In many ways there is no better marketing tool for sásta investors than the weight loss results of its clients and this is reflected in the excellent – and wildly effective – marketing pieces that the business uses frequently.

Sásta is…Your Future

For investors looking for a franchise that provides real weight loss and fitness results for clients within a growth market, sásta is a brand with no equal. Franchise owners are expected to develop their businesses within their region in accordance with the brand’s strict guidelines for success, which have proven so lucrative for so many in Ireland.

The franchise fee is £150,000 + VAT for a six-pod model which includes assistance in premises selection, launch marketing and support, five-day full training programme in all aspects of running a sásta business, corporate dress and much more besides.

sásta ensures that franchise owners are well trained and well supported through its experienced franchise support staff. Each investor can make a return on investment of 27 per cent based on 50 per cent studio capacity usage by following the sásta concept This is a business that is set to take the UK by storm now that it has its first launchpad in Brighton. If you are looking for an up-and-coming business in a growth market, which saves lives, sásta must be right at the top of your very long list.

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sásta is…Brighton sásta has recently landed on the south coast of England, in Brighton, and with the business poised for a spectacular launch through franchise owner Manraj Singh, it is likely that this will be the first of many sásta studio’s across the country.

Manraj, the first UK investor, was overwhelmed by the energy of founder Fiona Egan and the stories of successes for existing franchise owners in Ireland. He told The Franchise Magazine, “I looked at some other franchises but I was really impressed with the sásta pods concept and most importantly, the amazing results. It was important for me to help people who are overweight and reduce their chances of long-term illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes or strokes etc.”

The business is set to open in a central location in Brighton, walking distance from the beautiful blue of England’s south coast. What’s more Manraj has already looked at other territories nearby to expand once his Brighton business is up and running.