Girl Power!

Delivering advanced windscreen repairs to all Commercial Automotive Sectors with outstanding repair results, Screen Rescue launched their franchise system this year, following two years of impressive growth. On track to smash their 24-month turnover target of £100,000, Operations Director and joint franchisor, Amanda Hilario explains why the franchise world is good for women serious about running a business.

Q: What is it about the UK franchise industry that makes you want to be involved with it? A: The franchise industry has proven to be the most effective gateway to expand tried and tested business models nationwide, helping entrepreneurs from all walks of life get into business for themselves. As a successful former franchise owner myself, I benefitted from being part a brand fully supported by sophisticated operational, business and financial systems and procedures, extensive training programmes and of course was offered unlimited access to their franchise experts. We have mirrored all of these principles in Screen Rescue’s franchise system and believe the best way to expand our highly-profitable windscreen repairs business is by franchising. It’s a natural step for us to take.

Q: How does Screen Rescue appeal to entrepreneurial women as a franchise opportunity in a way that its competitors perhaps do not? A: Despite the windscreen repairs industry being perceived as male dominated, there is room for serious minded businesswomen who have ambitions to run a management franchise. The front-end and back-office skill sets required to manage the business, financials, operations and technicians are easily transferrable from women with strong industrial, commercial or corporate sales and management backgrounds.
Alternatively, with our repairs-only strategy, there’s no reason why a woman cannot complete the actual repairs herself in the knowledge that, in line with her ambitions, the business is completely scalable if this is a route she would like to explore. This strategy places the Screen Rescue brand in a unique position over our competitors.

Q: How do you see Screen Rescue developing as a franchise over the next decade? A: We’re very clear. Our vision is to become the UK’s largest dedicated windscreen repairs franchise, while upholding the integrity and quality of our brand. We are focussed and committed towards delivering continual excellence, to both our franchise network and to our commercial automotive clients and so, only the very best entrepreneurs, male or female, will be chosen to fly the flag of Screen Rescue.

Q: How do you think the UK franchise industry could change in the future, if at all, to encourage more women to take up franchises? A: In an ideal world, wouldn’t it be great if the franchise world were to successfully lobby the government for better childcare rights? As a working mother of two toddlers and a football crazy 11-year old, I empathise with many women who can’t even consider entering the franchise world because of their motherly duties. These women are valuable business assets and need more help with their pre-school childcare costs.