Rescue your Career: Spotlight on Screen Rescue

When new-launch franchise businesses enter the market, as windscreen repair franchise, Screen Rescue recently has, typical questions of market differentiation, proven scalability and whether there really is money to be made often arise. Here TFM Online investigates exactly what sets Screen Rescue apart from its competitors and why savvy investors are queuing up to find out more about this exciting business.

Probably the best place to start, when laying out exactly why Screen Rescue is such an interesting opportunity, is at the service it provides its long list of commercial automotive customers. The business specialises in the advanced repair of windscreens, saving dealerships from Alpha Romeo to Volvo, and fleet clients within all commercial automotive sectors, the operational downtime, hassle and financial outlay of having to replace an entire windscreen – for some public service vehicles, replacement windscreens can cost in excess of £2000. What’s more, the business’ dedication to providing repair services exclusively to commercial automotive clients enables them to secure repeat, volume business with a typically higher income attained than by dealing with private individual customers.

With Screen Rescue, there are a number of options that franchise owners have when making their initial investment. Firstly, franchise owners are free to choose the way that they pay the £18,000 initial investment fee between three options. Franchise owners can pay £9,000 or £12,000 up front and make up the difference through monthly instalments, which eases their cash-flow and reduces their working capital requirements, or pay the full amount at the point of recruitment. In addition, franchise owners are given the choice between entering the business in a management role, whereby teams of technicians will complete the windscreen repair works. Alternatively, franchise owners can complete the actual repairs themselves in the knowledge that, in line with their ambitions, the business is completely scalable if this is a route they would like to explore.

Screen Rescue is offering investors the opportunity to become part of its nationwide franchise system following a two-year company owned successful pilot business. What’s more, Q1 financial figures just filed report an impressive up-lift in turn-over of 34.1 per cent when compared to the same period last year, including a record month in March, which is testament to the annual growth expectations projected within this robust business.

Screen Rescue’s extensive franchise package has been expertly devised; franchise owners can achieve impressive figures through its unique benefits. Each investor receives a large protected territory, qualified business leads, specialised equipment and comprehensive training in all areas of the business, backed by localised and national marketing strategies and the full support of Head Office electronic Central Billing Systems, Aged Debtors Management and sophisticated Monthly Management Information. These strategies alone ensure every franchise owner is free from invoice entry and chasing debt leaving them able to focus on developing their business and making profit, safe in the knowledge of their cash-flow positions day-by-day. This franchise model really has been designed with the franchise owner in mind.

Founders, Jaime and Amanda Hilario, ensure that new franchise owners stand the best possible chance of success and offer an induction course scheduled over five weeks, enabling them to become fully competent in every aspect of the business from operations to technical repairs. Better still, they tailor ongoing support to meet their franchise owners’ changing needs.

Screen Rescue’s corporate website has undergone complete transformation and is now a key sales tool for the whole network hosting bespoke, dedicated webpages that will position each franchise owners business at a local level – just where they need it.

The business is looking for enthusiastic, motivated individuals with clear business ambitions and good communication and organisational skills. Candidates that meet the criteria can expect to benefit from unlimited earnings potential within a £22 million repairs industry – the more congested Britain’s roads become, the bigger the market for Screen Rescue. If you are searching for a lucrative business opportunity within a growing sector that will enable you to become part of an expanding network from day one, Screen Rescue commercial windscreen repairs should be right at the top of your list.