Do good and make money!

Are you looking for a positive change?

Consider a Seniors Helping Seniors franchise and discover the rewards both financially and emotionally in giving compassionate, friendly and professional homecare services to those seniors in need.

In business, how often do you hear about the simple joy of ‘doing good’ as a way of making money and what’s more being successful at the same time? Seniors Helping Seniors in-home and non-medical care have proven that in business we can indeed ‘do good and make money’.

When Kiran Yocom, Seniors Helping Seniors’ founder, first began her own senior in-home nonmedical care business over 10 years ago in Berks County, Pennsylvania, she told people: “I don’t care about how many degrees you have on your wall. What I care about is what is in your heart.”

Combine a growing senior industry with a whole lot of love and what do you get? Seniors Helping Seniors in-home companion care – the only non-medical senior franchise that focuses on helping every aspect of the growing senior market with love and compassion by matching seniors who need in-home services with seniors who provide them. Where both sides feel as though they are giving and both sides as though they are receiving.

Think about the less active seniors who want to continue to live independently in their own homes, with Seniors Helping Seniors they can now be cared for by seniors who are more active and can attend to their special needs. Whether it is just companionship or a trip to the doctors or even a little help around the house – there is another more active senior there and ready to help. Who better than a senior to truly understand what another senior needs?

One of the major positives with a Seniors Helping Seniors franchise is the opportunity being created for that more active senior caregiver. With the franchise, they are empowered with a great sense of worth as they help another senior be able to live in their own home, instead of having to go to an assisted living facility or nursing home. As they care for new friends, the more active seniors continue to live actively while truly giving from their hearts, and with today’s economy, many more seniors are looking for ways to supplement their shrinking retirement income.

The Seniors Helping Seniors business model provides this easy point of entry into one of the most prime, rapid growth service industries in today’s thriving market. The Seniors Helping Seniors franchise system is a way for people with hearts to fill a growing need in their communities and also make a good living at the same time. Every franchise partner receives the highest level of support that can only come from the expertise that is gained by the founders and national operational support team continuing to run a Seniors Helping Seniors in-home services business themselves.

This unique business concept has enabled this franchise network to grow in over 200 territories, in close to 40 US states in just three years. What people notice with the Seniors Helping Seniors franchise is, it is creating something that is very different to anything else being offered.

So, why Seniors Helping Seniors?



  • Proven business model
  • Run your business from home
  • Low overheads – no stock or premises
  • A brand that presents a loving and caring service
  • No specialist skills provided
  • Is part of one of the fastest growing service opportunities in a buoyant market
  • Comprehensive training package
  • Learn from franchising professionals
  • Receive substantial rewards for your bottom line

  • We will support you

    All of the Seniors Helping Seniors management team have many years of experience providing exactly the kind of service seniors and their families need. We know how to manage the operations of the Seniors Helping Seniors business effectively and how to successfully build a strong, worthwhile franchise community network.

    For prospective franchise owners this means easy entry into your market and a high level of on-going support. You will get the know how you need to get started and to create a dynamic business. Every franchise owner receives the highest level of support that can only come from the expertise that is gained by the founders and national operational support team continuing to run a Seniors Helping Seniors business themselves.

    Philip Yocom, co-founder, says: “We will support our Master Franchise Owners with all of the expertise we have gained in running Seniors Helping Seniors for the last seven years. In addition to this, we’ll provide marketing, sales, management and technology support.”

    So, if you’re looking for a business opportunity that is both personally and financially rewarding and have the desire to grow a strong franchise network throughout the UK, contact Seniors Helping Seniors today.