A market that is really shaping up!

Research shows that exercise can improve your health, confidence and quality of life. Now you can help ladies in your area to discover the benefits of exercise for life by investing in a Shapeup & Go fitness centre.

While most of us are well aware of the need to be active for our long term health, finding the right kind of exercise and the right environment to do it in can prove difficult for some ladies. The traditional image of lycra-clad fitness fanatics pumping iron and spending hours on cross trainers and running machines induces nothing but fear and dread for many, especially the more mature lady.

At present, poor diet, lack of exercise, and excess weight accounts for approximately a third of cancers in western countries. There is also research to suggest that moderate intensity, low-impact activity is just as effective as high-impact activity in lowering the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. In fact, there are circumstances where high-impact exercise is not recommended, such as for people with arthritis, osteoperosis or for those who are very overweight.

There are many reasons why this is the perfect time to invest in a Shapeup & Go fitness centre:

  • Premises are now more readily available and often have incentives attached such as an introductory rent free period.
  • The internal design and shop fitting is project managed by the head office team.
  • Training and support ensures that franchise owners hit the ground running, with income being generated from day one.
  • Membership fees are paid in advance, allowing you to remain cash positive, which is important in today's economic climate.

"At Shapeup & Go we have made it our mission to create a non-threatening fitness environment that addresses the particular needs of older and less active ladies. A Shapeup & Go workout takes just 30 minutes, during which a set time is spent on each of our state-of-the-art, power-assisted exercise machines. Each machine is designed to target a particular body area and muscle group, providing low-impact exercise that does not cause unnecessary stress on delicate joints. The effort produced by each machine is varied according to each member's individual exercise programme, ensuring that they can work safely towards their ultimate fitness goal."
Managing Director John Mollart

A market that is really Shaping Up!

Shapeup & go is a unique health and fitness centre for mature women.

Older women are advised to keep active and lose weight, but most find conventional gyms intimidating. Shapeup & Go offers them a personal figure improvement and fitness programme utilising the latest power-assisted equipment in a friendly, non-competitive environment.

Shapeup & Go allows ladies to achieve results safely and feel good about themselves. With an attractive and affordable proposition and a steadily growing market, it is little wonder that Shapeup & Go is providing one of the most resilient franchises available.

The first Shapeup & Go franchised fitness centre is opening in Spring 2009.