Make Shapeup & Go your New Year's Resolution!

Ladies up and down the country are making getting into shape their number one resolution for 2009. If your resolution is to build a successful business, Shapeup &'Go could enable you to achieve your goal by helping these ladies achieve theirs

It's that time again when we all decide to put the excesses of the festive season behind us and take on the New Year with a fresh attitude and new goals. You may have decided to live better, lose weight, begin exercising or start your own business (well, you are reading The Franchise Magazine). Now imagine a franchise opportunity that allows you to achieve all of your New Year's goals.

Shapeup & Go is a unique, ladies-only fitness centre designed specifically for the millions of women who feel out of place and over-pressured in most gyms. Power-assisted exercise equipment is used to offer personalised 30 minute work-outs in relaxing luxurious surroundings. A safe, warm, friendly atmosphere and a like-minded membership makes every Shapeup & Go a cherished, doctor-recommended health oasis.

Anyone attending the gym for two to three 30 minute sessions a week can expect to see results within weeks, whether they are 40 plus and looking to lose pounds or a retiree eager to increase their mobility and boost their energy levels. Under the personalised guidance and encouragement of a Shapeup & Go trainer, women can realise their fitness goals in a way that is as easy on their self-esteem as it is on their joints. All staff are fully trained and, of course, female.

Encouraged to seek exercise yet turned off by other gyms, Shapeup &'Go's target market has embraced the ladies-only gym experience. Already in its second year, Shapeup & Go is realising some of the highest renewal rates in the fitness industry.

Shapeup & Go founder John Mollart knows exactly the type of person who will make the perfect franchise owner. ' We're looking for great communicators,' explains John. 'While a background in health and fitness is a bonus, it's certainly not a necessity, as we provide full training for you and your staff. What's more important is your ability to manage your team and inspire them to sell memberships and provide the best service to those members.' Shapeup & Go fitness studios have a friendly, welcoming atmosphere with staff that are fully trained to provide fitness and diet advice to members. The trainers regularly monitor each member's progress and adjust their training programme to reflect members' individual results and aspirations.

John explains: 'I've been in the niche power-assisted health and fitness industry for eight years and our management team has extensive franchising experience. We'll provide all the support you need during the establishment of your business, including help with finding premises, negotiating your lease and fitting out your fitness studio. Our training programme is comprehensive and includes instruction on the use of the management and membership software that is included in the business package. We have put together a sales and marketing package that will help you to maximise membership enquiries and sales. We'll even help you to recruit and train your staff.'

Although this is a ladies-only gym, men can - and do - own and operate a Shapeup & Go franchise using female management onsite. However, women get the best of both worlds - a healthy opportunity for both themselves and their money. Indeed, Shapeup & Go is a fit opportunity.

Reported by Charlotte Urwin