Signs Express franchise welcomes Nasa astronauts to Norwich

Signs Express has welcomed two Nasa astronauts, Ken Ham and Karen Nyberg, to its head office in Norwich. After completing the journey to the International Space Station, two of the Space Shuttle Discovery crew ventured to the UK to inspire children and meet with local businesses to promote a technically educated workforce.

Managing Director of Signs Express Craig Brown comments on the event: 'We were very excited to be given the opportunity to receive such special guests. The scheme to help promote technological learning is important in this day and age, especially as the number of students studying sciences and engineering is decreasing year-on-year. The pair could possibly reconsider their career choice after their quick lesson in sign making from our Operations Manager Justin Pearce. I think we saw a lot of potential.'

The astronaut visit was arranged by non-profit organisation The Norfolk Exchange, which promotes the links between schools and businesses in the county and was sponsored by Signs Express. After discussing their experiences in space with people at Signs Express head office and three schools within the area, the astronauts went on to visit Cardiff and London.