Build your future success with Sky Throne

The electronic cigarette market keeps growing and Sky Throne wants you to be part of it

The popularity of electronic cigarettes is undeniable. Twelve million people in Europe have become vapers in less than a decade and Great Britain alone saw the sales of e-cigarettes increase 340% in the past year as buyers are giving up on traditional cigarettes. According to the experts, the number of tobacco smokers and vapers is expected to completely reverse over the next five years.

But where are the vapers buying their e-cigs?
Most vapers purchase their electronic cigarettes online because it’s hard to find a sales point that carries high quality brands and provides great customer service. But that is about to change thanks to Sky Throne, as the company launches a new business opportunity in 2015.

Sky Throne business owners will manage their own selling point in a high footfall location, while Sky Throne provides constant support and technical assistance. Your branded kiosk will carry Sky Throne’s high quality vaping products. The list of well-known brands includes TRUVAPE, Nostalgia, Signature, Alchemy and The Council of Vapor.

It is a true recipe for success, according to Susie Patel, owner of a Petrol Forecourt and one of Sky Throne’s business partners.

“TRUVAPE has been an exciting project to undertake and sales have grown beyond our expectations. We have had great feedback from customers and now have a wide range of the e-liquid flavours which customers all enjoy.”

Five reasons why the vaping market is a success

  1. Electronic cigarettes are much cheaper than traditional cigarettes, so buyers tend to buy more without worrying about the price.

  2. Vaping is much safer than smoking! An electronic cigarette doesn’t need a flame to work.

  3. The health consequences of traditional cigarettes are well known. Most smokers that become vapers have reported feeling better physically after switching to e-cigs.

  4. Electronic cigarettes don’t smell like traditional cigarettes, which are loaded with tar and chemicals. On the contrary! You can barely notice the smell when someone is smoking an e-cig. Vapers simply exhale vapour that vanishes almost immediately.

  5. Lastly, smoking has a bad reputation. Vaping is now a cheaper, safer, healthier and cleaner option when compared to traditional cigarettes.

That is why more than 2.1 million adults in Great Britain currently use electronic cigarettes and many more are likely to join the vaping trend.

Sky Throne business opportunity

Initial investment: £6500 + VAT

What Sky Throne offers:

  • Initial and ongoing training and support
  • Starter kit including branded uniforms, products and marketing materials
  • Support and advice when choosing the location of your kiosk (including exclusivity subject to some specification)
  • Sky Throne branded kiosk