Seizing a Window of Opportunity

Looking to escape the office environment Shane Keens found his perfect business opportunity with Sliding Sash Solutions

Former social worker Shane Keens was getting disillusioned with his job, so when the chance to change direction and become a Sliding Sash Solutions franchisee came along it seemed like a perfect opportunity. He recalls: 'I was getting disillusioned working in local government and before becoming a social worker I had previous practical experience, so Sliding Sash Solutions provided me with a great opportunity to do a hands on job. Owning my own business through franchising really appealed to me as it provides more security and back up than starting a business on your own. With Sliding Sash Solutions I knew I would be able to be independent and not stuck in an office all day, which was what I was looking for.'

Sliding Sash Solutions provides a service that repairs, services and greatly improves the performance of traditional sash windows by installing a unique brush pile system. Franchisees can also manufacture and reproduce replica sash windows to properties where the original windows have been removed. Shane underwent the Sliding Sash Solutions training course before he launched his Guildford based franchise in June 2005. He explains: 'I had one month's training which was hands-on and fully prepared me for running my business. After I launched my franchise, although there was telephone support on hand whenever I needed it, I felt completely happy to go straight into it and needed very little support. As well as the support from head office there is also an informal support network among franchisees.'

In under four years Shane has built up a successful business and is above his target turnover: 'I already have one employee working with me, however I'm so busy at the moment that I am looking to expand and recruit another employee in the near future.'

As well as being the owner of a successful business, operating a Sliding Sash Solutions franchise has also provided him with the independence he was seeking. He says: 'I really enjoy running my business, especially the satisfaction of providing an excellent service and getting positive customer feedback. Since launching my business my lifestyle has improved greatly and I have been able to buy a camper van, go on nice holidays and take time off when I want to.'

Sliding Sash Solutions is looking for franchisees across the UK to join its growing brand. The company is looking for candidates who have the right skills, experience and strength of character to operate their own business; are dedicated and determined to succeed; are physically fit and in good health; possess good communication skills; are ambitious and self-motivated; and have hands-on practical skills. Shane concludes: 'This franchise will suit people who are committed, responsible and practical.'

Derin Ibrahim reports


TYPE'OF'FRANCHISE:Property services

INDUSTRY'SECTOR: Sash window repair &'replacement

IDEAL FRANCHISEE PROFILE: Ambitious, self-motivated and strong practical skills, although no sash window experience is necessary.

COMPANY HISTORY: Established 2000, franchising since 2005


INVESTMENT REQUIREMENT: £16,960 + VAT +'working capital