small business accounting: Become our UK Master Franchisee...

We seek an energetic individual who can share our vision of creating an ethical and solid franchise network, and who can appreciate the ultimate returns to be gained from this approach.

Build a chain of proven white-collar businesses through franchising

Earn rewards from a substantial shareholding in the support company

Small business accounting is a one-stop-shop service provider to the self-employed, partnerships and small limited companies, covering all their bookkeeping, accounting, and tax needs. Utilising a supportive system and franchise model successfully developed into national chains in New Zealand and Australia, small business accounting targets uncomplicated clients with relatively simple requirements, so franchisees do not require formal accounting qualifications.

A unique feature of the small business accounting system is that we provide our service to our clients on a monthly basis.

We challenge the traditional method of accounting, which provides historical information some time after its relevance.

  • The client's year-end financials and tax calculation are prepared as normal.
  • VAT returns are automatically produced for the client as and when due.
  • Our fees are fixed at the outset, no year-end surprises, and levied monthly, great for our client's, and our own, cash flow.
  • Other core services performed by small business accounting are payroll, and a simplified rental investment accounting service for landlords.

The UK Master Franchisee will set up a pilot operation, then recruit 10 Area Development Franchisees, training and supporting them in building a network of 400 sub-franchisees in busy high street shop front locations nationwide. small business accounting will work with the Master Franchisee in adapting our current model to British market conditions and producing local policy and procedures, including systems, manuals and franchisee training, marketing and support strategies.