A new franchise opportunity with a wealth of experience

The demand for quality health foods that are affordable and accessible is providing a strong market for Dinky Deli franchisees

With over 12 years of experience in franchising, the company behind the highly successful Snack-in-the-Box brand has set up a new franchise opportunity: Dinky Deli. The Dinky Deli franchise is in association with leading sandwich brand Brambles Foods and involves franchisees selling a range of quality and healthy foods such as sandwiches, wraps and hot pastries to office workers.

It was the company's previous experience in franchising that first attracted franchisee Raj Patel (pictured above right) to Dinky Deli. He explains: 'I have a background of working within the sandwich industry. When I decided to work for myself I looked into franchising as, although I wanted to run my own business, I still wanted an organisation behind me. When I came across Dinky Deli I was impressed by the success of its other franchise and thought that whatever they are doing they must be doing it right.'

Apart from a pilot franchise that was operated by Justin Greener in Oxford, Raj is the first Dinky Deli franchisee. Raj launched his franchise, which covers Heathrow and its six-mile radius, in March 2008. 'As well as the training I received I've also had Justin in the van with me helping me to get started,' he says. 'I've been on the road meeting customers and establishing myself in the area and Justin has been helping me with what to say and what to do.
'I have also had great support from head office. For example, before my launch head office did a telesales campaign to attract business. This campaign is ongoing and if I need or want more business all I have to do is ask and they will do another batch of telesales. They follow-up the telesales campaign by sending direct mail to businesses that showed interest.'

The Dinky Deli concept involves franchisees travelling to offices selling sandwiches, salads, wraps, hot pastries, snacks and drinks to the breakfast, mid-morning and lunchtime market. Franchisees sell their products from specially equipped vans that include a temperature controlled oven; high intensity lighting on all serving points; hot water hand-wash; high capacity self-selection chilled food display with pullout serving trays; 75-can fast roll-down chilled drinks dispenser; storage to chill bottled water and canned drinks; and full Environmental Health compliance.

Justin reveals: 'The great thing about this franchise is that there is a lot of manufacturer support, such as being provided with promotional stock. Dinky Deli's policy is to keep franchisees set up costs as low as possible so that for a relatively low investment they will get a reasonable income.'
Raj adds: 'Brambles' and Dinky Deli's support has really helped to get my business started and kept my initial costs much lower than they would have been.'

With UK'workers putting in longer hours and the recent government and media promotion of healthier eating, many office staff are looking for accessible and healthy foods at an affordable price. The Dinky Deli franchise opportunity has capitalised on this market. Justin comments: 'I notice from the pilot franchise that there is a big move towards healthy eating so the healthy sandwiches and salads Dinky Deli sells is proving to be in great demand.'

Text: Derin Ibrahim

With the Dinky Deli service you could earn your share of this multi million pound market
With over 12 years of franchising experience the Dinky Deli group have brought together BRAMBLES a leading specialist in quality sandwiches and fresh food, along with hot pastries, confectionery and drinks, to create the UK's premier nationally branded fresh food franchise opportunity... 'delivered daily to your workplace'.

The Dinky Deli opportunity has been created using all of the experience that has been gained in building our existing successful Snack-in-the-Box franchise. We recognise the value of franchising with a leading brand and are delighted to have formed our association with Brambles Foods Limited.

Brambles is one of the founder members of the British Sandwich Association and is a multi award winning business, having earned a reputation as one of the leading specialist suppliers of sandwiches and salads since it was formed in 1990.

In the same way that Cadbury dominates the world of confectionery, Brambles is renowned as a company that maintains the highest standards in food preparation and customer service, and is currently supplying British Airways,Waitrose, the public sector as well as many large catering companies.

Dinky Deli Van

Dinky Deli's specially designed catering vehicle is fully equipped to give your customers exactly what they want.

Delicious oven baked hot pastries, sausage rolls and slices with crisp flaky pastry. Fresh sandwiches, salads, wraps & paninis are kept in a carefully controlled chilled module.

In less than 30 seconds after arriving at a workplace, you are ready to serve your customer with hot or cold food along with snacks and drinks.

Health & hygiene legislation is dictating that food now be prepared and delivered to workplaces to higher and more rigorous standards. Gourmet sandwiches and savoury pastries have become the preferred lunchtime choice.

Special Entry Price £11,760+VAT
66% Licence Fee Reduction

Dinky Deli is looking to appoint and establish a carefully selected number of foundational franchisees in strategic areas of the UK.

These franchisees will be showcase examples of success and form the basis for the future of the Dinky Deli Brand.

During this launch period a selected number of franchisees will enjoy a special entry price of £11,760 + VAT.

This is a 66% reduction in the initial licence fee, whilst still receiving all of the other elements of the franchise package.

Dinky Deli reserves the right to revert back to the standard franchise package fee of £16,760 + VAT once these places are filled.

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