SITB gives us a good work/life balance

Self Service Box : Jo Bailey & Julia Lemmon

Area : West Norwich

My sister Julia Lemmon and I decided to setup a Snack-in-the-Box business together because we get on really well. We evaluated a number of franchises and we felt that SITB was a business that would bring a smile to people's faces and would work for us and our circumstances.

We had both previously worked in a department store. When I left to have children I began looking for a franchise that would fit around looking after my family. At our initial meeting Snack-in-the-Box, came across as a very friendly company and they were very open and honest. It was a simple business to learn and the earning potentials seemed realistic.

To prepare us for the launch of our business, head office provided us with one week of training, where they taught us everything we needed to know about running our own business. Following our training SITB went out and provided us with our first 150 customers.

Since we launched our Norwich-based business in 2004, SITB have always been there to provide us with what we need in terms of support. The great thing about our Snack-in-the-Box business is that I can fit my business around looking after my two sons, who are aged eight and nine. I concentrate on packing the boxes, ordering the stock and the paperwork, which if necessary I can do in the evenings when my children are in bed. As Julia has no children and enjoys being out all day she delivers the boxes.

Our business is currently turning over £2,200 per week and we want to continue growing our business as much as we can within our territory.