Chocolate sales increase

as franchisees beat the recession

The future looks bright for SITB, the franchise with the Cadbury factor. In fact, the current UK economic climate has reinforced the SITB product, as franchisees see an increase in chocolate sales.

People eat crisps, chocolate and drinks at work, regardless of the economic situation. When times get hard, people love to comfort eat and keep some of their little luxuries in life and chocolate certainly seems to be one of them. It's an impulse buy and that gives us a recession-proof marketplace. This is an easy to learn and simple to operate system, with a strong brand and a committed franchisor, which is a full member of the British Franchise Association.

The amount of businesses that love our service is incredible. We have customers from all walks of life. A recession-proof system, combined with a great product and a strong support structure, makes for a winning formula. We are looking positively to the future.


  • Your first 150 customers
  • 265 Self Service Boxes + stock (pre-packed)
  • Corporate clothing & stationery pack
  • Vehicle livery and racking
  • Simple, proven formula
  • Successful 12 year track record
  • Comprehensive support services
  • Easy to learn and manage
  • Weekly repeat Cash business
  • Guaranteed income
  • Customer base in month one
  • PDA plus software

Total Package £23,695 + VAT (Reclaimable)


  • 75 Battery powered vending machines
  • 4 week on-site launch programme
  • Minimum of 50 machines sited and installed
  • Corporate clothing & stationery pack
  • Vehicle livery and racking

Total Package £40,465 +VAT (Reclaimable)