A Business from Day 1

It was actually my son Chris who suggested the idea of looking into the possibilities of investing in a franchise. Together we run our own newsagents but he thought it would be a great idea to branch out and see what other opportunities were out there. The idea of franchising appealed to us both because of the support system that is involved but we still had to come to a joint decision in what business to pursue.

We went to a franchise exhibition, which is where we first came across Snack-in-the-Box (SITB). Going back a number of years I knew someone who successfully ran a snack delivery business so we became very interested in what SITB were offering. What really sold it to us was SITB's association with the Cadbury brand name. From a marketing perspective this is a great idea: the name is instantly recognisable and suggests a professional service with great products...qualities that will give our business a good advantage in the market place.

After some encouraging talks with existing franchisees we decided to invest in SITB's 'box' option and launched the business four months ago. We were provided with everything we needed to get started, from training to SITB's promise to find our first 150 clients. We were able to generate business from day one.

Having taken on employees to look after our shop Chris and I are able to concentrate on building our new business. While Chris services our existing clients, I look for new business. I love this aspect of the work - you don't need any sales experience but it does help to be a people person. A major help is the fact that the boxes are placed on a contract-free basis and are no cost on the client at all. I've found that it really isn't a hard sell at all. We have gained more new business than we thought would be possible and, seeing this potential, decided to make the most of the opportunity by buying the neighbouring Swindon territory. SITB can be a fast growing business and can be developed to any size that you want to manage. You should be ready to work hard but, if you invest your time, the rewards are there.

Simple yet Effective
I had always wanted to run my own business but the question was what direction to take. I decided that franchising was the answer and looked into finding the right opportunity. I found Snack-in-the-Box and the concept immediately appealed. As a business it is simple to run and is successful. The Cadbury brand name really stands out and gives SITB the edge over the competition. I could see how this association would draw more business to the vending machines - a huge benefit to the business.

I spoke with a number of SITB franchisees who were very positive about not just the business concept but also of the franchisors themselves. It was clear that this would be the right choice for me. The training I received covered everything I needed to know but, to be honest, the SITB business is very easy to operate - I was up and running in no time at all. Over the past five years I've been able to develop my business and throughout SITB has provided me with a consistent level of support. By investing in further machines, there is a good opportunity to grow your franchise, increase your revenue and boost your profitabililty.

It's a good business for someone who wants to work in an environment that lets them get out of the office. That being said it's important that you enjoy meeting new people and can strike up good relationships. You don't need any specific business skills, just some common sense, a good attitude and the motivation to get out there and build a successful business - SITB provide the rest. I've enjoyed the experience so much I am definitely renewing my contract!