Snack-in-the-Box: A franchise in association with Cadbury

A case study about how Snack In The Box (SITB) helped two of their franchisees set up and build their businesses.

"A Simple Idea that Really is Effective"

Having spent much of his life working for himself, John Levenger became a franchisee almost by chance. After running his own hotel and owning a cleaning business, John was hoping for an early retirement when he started helping a friend run his Snack-in-the-Box (SITB) franchise.

When the opportunity arose for John to buy the franchise in 2002, he jumped at the chance. 'Working for someone else is not something that comes naturally to me,' he admits. Although nothing like he had done before, SITB has similarities to his previous work. 'The end product may be different but it's all about dealing with people and providing a great service,' he explains. 'Working for myself while getting out and about and meeting people really appealed to me.'

Since the launch, John has seen steady growth and development of the customer base the business inherited, although he admits: 'Growing the business in the countryside is more difficult than it would be in a city but it's all about putting that little extra effort in.' John considers the help and support that SITB provides to be 'professional and very good, but of course it is often down to using your own initiative, which is something I enjoy'.

Being a cash only business based on trust, John claims: 'The beauty of SITB is that it's a very simple idea but it really is effective. The business is a volume game - the more effort you put in, the bigger the financial reward.' Halfway through his five-year franchise agreement, John has recently enjoyed his most successful week yet. 'I always enjoy a challenge,' he concludes, 'and am looking forward to seeing how the business will progress.'

'Great Brand, Great Support'

Backed by Cadbury, one of the world's most recognisable brand names, Snack in-the Box (SITB) stood out to Mark and Jackie Physick as the franchise for them. Their instinct has paid off and they are on target to exceed their forecasted £100,000 first year turnover by a further £40,000.

When the couple sold their newsagents they knew that they didn't want to go back to working for someone else. A franchise seemed like the perfect opportunity and after much research they discovered SITB through an article in the pages of The Franchise Magazine. 'As soon as we saw the Cadbury brand and had a look at the SITB website, it very much appealed,' states Mark. 'We spoke to existing franchisees, got in touch with head office, were invited down for meetings and were very impressed with what we saw.'

Mark felt the company's openness, honesty and willingness to provide help and support gave him the reassurance that this was a business venture worthy of his investment. With training that was 'informative and interesting, particularly in the administrative aspect,' Mark and Jackie launched their Liverpool business in January this year. Work came in very fast and using their own intuition they placed 90 vending machines in some particularly lucrative sites. 'The beauty of the business is that if a vending machine isn't doing as well as hoped, it can always be moved somewhere else,' says Mark. 'Rather than wait for the business to come straight to you, you can go direct to the business itself.'

With long term plans to stay with the franchise, Mark and Jackie have seen a dramatic change to their lifestyle. He enthuses: 'From working an 80 hour week in our newsagents we now work a 30 hour week for the same, if not more money.'

SITB is a franchise opportunity that Mark would strongly recommend: 'The company is very helpful and supportive, always at the end of the phone and nothing is too much trouble.'