Snack in-the-box - in association with Cadbury

A case study about how Snack In The Box (SITB) helped two of their franchisees set up and build their SITB businesses.

ON the road delivering Cadbury branded snack boxes and then arriving home at a decent time couldn't be further from Lesley Moreland's previous job as Projects Consultant for an insurance company, one which she had begun to find stale.

Flicking through the Thursday franchise section of the Daily Mail, the seed of an idea began to germinate. That seed took Lesley to a NatWest seminar where she picked up a copy of The Franchise Magazine. In its pages she found her ideal business opportunity: Snack-in-the-Box (SITB). 'I wanted a business that got me out visiting customers, so a van-based franchise seemed ideal,' explains Lesley. 'SITB are professional and friendly and the Cadbury name is universally associated with professionalism and quality.'

Lesley took over the Hornchurch franchise in September 2004. 'Following the very thorough training, which included spending an eye-opening day with an existing franchisee, SITB helped me take over the existing client base of 100 clients and canvassed the area for new customers,' recalls Leslie. 'They've since canvassed for even more and I now have 150.

'SITB have supported me every step of the way, such as when I encountered a problem with a wholesaler and when I completed my first tax return. They even visited me to help me get to grips with the new Pocket PC, which is an automated system for customer details. It has saved me time on the road as well as completing progress reports for head office. At the end of the day I can see at a glance how much money I've taken.'

Now employing a part-time assistant to help with packing and banking, Lesley says she has more time for herself: 'In the beginning, my lifestyle was very hectic but exciting because it was so different from working in an office.
'I now have more time for myself and am fitter. I am pleased with the first nine months of my business, very happy with the monetary return and there is the potential to earn more. I couldn't have done it without SITB's and my husband's support.'

'I recognised a good value investment with rewards'

AFTER 17 years of early mornings and late closing, former newsagent David Durham picked up a copy of The Franchise Magazine seeking an opportunity to take control over the hours he put in.

'Being in newsagency, the Cadbury brand immediately attracted my interest,' he recalls. 'But as I read about Snack-in-the-Box (SITB), particularly the vending machine opportunity, I recognised a good value investment that would reward me for the hours I put in.'

David met the SITB head office team in 2003 and after taking time to research the opportunity signed for the Glasgow territory. 'The company is very professional - they've been operating this business for over 10 years,' he observes. 'At the same time there is a family atmosphere. You get to know everyone at head office and are never left talking to a stranger when you call.' David's initial training started in January 2004 and he later launched his business that February, with the assistance of a SITB canvassing team.

'They had a lot of sites waiting for me, such as companies who used our service in other areas,' he observes. 'We picked up a lot of business very quickly and by mid-February I had all 50 of my initial vending machines sited and turning over an average of £1,200 per week.' Through canvassing and word-of-mouth rather than advertising David has now sited 100 vending machines and has re-sited several to maximise profit.

'Many of these machines were re-sited through word of mouth,' he reports. 'I have machines sited in retail and factory locations including hotels, shops, offices and casinos. I'm generating £2,500 per week, not far off my target of £3,000.

'This business suits me down to the ground and SITB have been terrific, I can't fault them. In the long term I'm aiming to put a second van on the road to maximise my territory.'