I can only say good things about Snack-in-the-Box

"I was very impressed with the figures being achieved by other areas and decided to take the plunge."

'Franchisee of the Year' winners in the compact vending category, David and Mandy Durham established their Glasgow franchise at the end of 2004. 'We'd owned a newsagents for 10 years and were looking for an opportunity to make a better income,' recalls David. 'I came across The Franchise Magazine on my own shelves, and was attracted to the Cadbury logo on the Snack-in-the-Box (SITB) promotion. I was very impressed with the figures being achieved by other areas and decided to take the plunge.'

The new business made an immediate impact on their lives. 'We went from working 80 hours a week to a more flexible working pattern,' David remarks. 'Now instead of starting at 5am I start at 8am, am finished by 5pm every day and take weekends off. We had all 100 of our machines sited by April 2004, each turning over between £20 and £25 a week. Since then I've moved some to better sites and our weekly turnover is at £2,700 per week. I'm hoping to achieve £3,000 per week sooner rather than later and plan to keep growing.'

David puts his 'Franchise of the Year' award down to a continual drive to build the business. 'I actually had no idea I was in the running for it,' he comments. 'It was a big shock to win! The event itself was absolutely fantastic, and I've got to know the head office team very well. The support they've provided has been excellent - I can only say good things about SITB.'

The two winners of the SITB 'Franchisee of the Year' awards were both worthy winners, explains SITB Sales Director Matt O'Neil. 'Both winners were selected because of the professional approaches they take to running their businesses,' he continues. 'They are prime examples of the success that can be achieved by actively applying the SITB formula and have developed excellent relationships both with their customers and with the SITB head office.'