Compact Vending : Susan & Keith Denwood

Area : Halifax and Bradford

My husband and I launched our Snack-in-the-Box business in 2005 and we have enjoyed running it so much that we have just signed up for another five years! We began looking into franchising as a way of working together and, after looking at various businesses, we decided on Snack-in-the-Box because it was associated with a well-known brand and offered a lot of potential.

During our training we spent some time with an existing franchise owner, which showed us just how friendly and rewarding the work was. The training was excellent and we've continued to have great support. Our first year's turnover was more than we'd expected and it's increased every year since then - even during the recession. I think that's because people see buying a chocolate bar as a small purchase - it's an enjoyable treat they don't have to make a sacrifice to have.

With the day-to-day running of the business I fill the machines and do the paperwork, while my husband does the driving and heavy lifting. I really enjoy being out and about and meeting regular customers - people are really excited to see us, which makes the work even more enjoyable.

Since becoming franchise owners, we've become more relaxed and more laid back. Although we're working for ourselves, we do have holidays and we go away for weekends much more often. Since we started running our Snack-in-the-Box franchise, we have a much better lifestyle.

We're really looking forward to the next five years and growing the business. And as our turnover increases our lifestyle will improve even more.