A life changing decision

Self Service Box : Kashif Sheikh

Area : Edinburgh

"This company is amazing. I love it," says ex-shop owner Kashif Sheikh. "Before doing this I worked long days all week and couldn't see my family as much as I would have liked. Now, with our self-service 'honesty box' franchise, I work less hours and for just five days a week.

It's great to have the weekend to spend time with my children." Kashif had been looking for a franchise that offered the work-life balance he desired, as well as giving him the amount of support he felt he would need to get his new business off the ground.

"Our business is very successful, turning over £2,500 per week. We're much better off now, but not just financially. We spend quality time together as a family, and I just couldn't achieve that with my previous business."

Everyone likes snacks in the workplace, especially chocolate, so it's certainly not a hard sell."


Option 1: Self Service Box
Set up costs - £9,970 +VAT
Supplying businesses with up to 20 staff

  • Licence Fee
  • Corporate Clothing & Stationery pack
  • Vehicle Livery & racking
  • Thorough training at our head office
  • Comprehensive
  • Support Services

Additional costs include:

  • Launch programme to find your first 150 customers
  • PDA & Software
  • 265 self service boxes
  • Initial stock for all 265 boxes

(Total Package cost is £23,975 + VAT) Additional provision should be made for your vehicle and minimal ancillary equipment.