'Snack in the Box is a Golden Opportunity'

Two Snack-in-the-Box franchisees reveal how they have built their successful snack-vending businesses with the help of the Cadbury brand name.

A Simple Yet Effective Concept

David Hubling, Bristol

'Having the Cadbury brand name behind you is extremely useful,' reveals Snack-in-the-Box (SITB) franchisee David Hubling. 'It is a name people know and trust, which gives my business impact.'

Based in the Bristol area, David launched his franchise in November 2004 after years of running his own pub. Having decided that he wanted a change in career, it was all important for David that he remained self-employed: 'I felt that I couldn't really afford to make a mistake and knew that in starting a new business, franchising has a much better success rate - especially with a company like SITB behind you.'

In looking at many franchise opportunities, it was actually one of David's bar staff who pointed him in the direction of SITB. 'After looking carefully, I realised that SITB was the franchise for me,' recalls David. 'It was a service that I would enjoy giving, a full member of the British Franchise Association, has a good track record, and provides great support - it fulfilled all of my criteria.'

With SITB providing comprehensive training covering all aspects of the business, David has further benefited from the company's solid support network. He adds: 'With people of all sorts of abilities and expertise, SITB are very helpful and always have time for you.'

David now has over 150 clients who he visits each week, and is always on the lookout for potential customers to make sure he is reaching his targets. 'You have to work hard to get a solid customer base but then you do have a choice, depending on how much you want from the business,' he reflects.

David states that it is important for franchisees to possess the motivation and dedication to make the business a success and emphasises that a SITB franchise is a case of 'the more you put in the more you get out.' 'It can be hard work, but I'm not shy of that,' he explains. 'It is, however, a rewarding business and I'm very happy with how it is developing. I've got a lot of good things to say about SITB. I'm very pleased with the company and to have invested in this opportunity.'

'Snack in the Box is a Golden Opportunity'

Robert Battye, Doncaster

'In terms of what I wanted from a business, Snack-in-the-Box (SITB) has worked absolutely wonderfully for me,' enthuses franchisee Robert Battye. 'It has given me a new lease of life. If you want to work for your self, SITB is a golden opportunity.'

From running an ice-cream van, to owning a fish shop and then a newsagents, Robert's career has certainly been varied, but each role had one thing in common - he was owner of his own business. 'I enjoy working for myself and on my own terms,' Robert reveals, 'and in looking for a new career, I knew that a franchise would let me continue this.'

After a visit to the National Franchise Exhibition, Robert realised that his future lay in franchising. 'I saw a handful of opportunities that appealed to me, but it was SITB that stood out from all the rest.'

The immediate attraction for Robert was the franchise's association with Cadbury and the resulting brand recognition he knew would help him build his business. This was furthered by the SITB opportunity allowing the franchisee to build their business to any level they want.

Following his investment, he was provided with a week's training to help him get his business off the ground. 'In addition to this, SITB help place the first 50 vending machines, Robert states. 'This is a real bonus as it lets you achieve results from the word go.'

Running his Doncaster based business from home, Robert is enjoying the freedom the business gives him. Where he used to be tied to his shop seven days a week, SITB allows him to work on his own terms and gives him the chance to get out and about, finding new business and meeting new people.

Robert reports that SITB has supported his business 'very well indeed,' recalling that when he had a fault with one of his machines, SITB made sure that the problem was fixed. 'They are more than willing to help me out,' he explains. 'It's good to know that someone is there to support you if you ever get into any kind of difficulty.'