Snack-in-the-Box: A Simple Yet Effective Concept

Two case studies about how Snack-In-The-Box (SITB) help its franchisees set up and build their own snack vending businesses.

A Simple Yet Effective Concept

Andy Hardwick - West Midlands Franchisee

'The best thing about Snack-in-the-Box (SITB) is that you are selling something that the customers really want,' enthuses West Midlands franchisee Andy Hardwick. 'The product sells itself.' Andy invested in the SITB concept after being made redundant in 1999. With experience in a customer-focused environment, Andy wanted a business that would enable him to get out and meet new people and SITB met these criteria perfectly.

'I wanted to work for myself and this was my attraction to franchising,' he recalls. 'I did a fair amount of research into the business, spoke to existing franchisees and had a lot of discussions with SITB head office to make sure this was the right opportunity for me - which I found it was. The concept of SITB is simple and I believe this is what makes it effective.'

With training that covered every aspect of the running of the business, from sales to managing finances, Andy benefited from having two SITB representatives work with him for the first week. 'I was taught how to generate new leads and get new business,' recalls Andy. 'Six years later, I still have about half of the customers I gained that week!'

Andy is able to run the cash-based business from home, which he says is great for cutting costs. 'Since the business was launched, the turnover has steadily grown at a consistent rate,' he reports. 'This is great in that it gives me security in knowing what I can expect year on year.'

Of SITB's ongoing support and assistance, Andy reveals: 'If I've ever had any problems SITB are only a phone call away and they are more than happy to help. It's a franchise I would recommend, but it is important to be able to put a lot of hard work into the business. Motivation, dedication and commitment are essential to getting the business off the ground, but this is the part of the job that is most rewarding.'

'SITB has changed my life'

Howard Groves - South West Franchisee

It was the need for a new challenge that inspired Howard Groves to invest in a Snack-in-the-Box (SITB) franchise in 2002.

After 25 years as a trained butcher, Howard had come to a point where he simply needed a change of scenery: 'I ran my own Butcher shop for 12 years and I felt I really needed to do something different.'

Still wanting to work for himself and retain the independence that his shop gave him, Howard looked towards franchising. Discovering SITB, the franchise met his criteria of being a business that let him work at his own pace. 'SITB could provide me with the type of work I was looking for,' states Howard. 'I was provided with one week of comprehensive training at head office and spent time with a franchisee, giving me a hands-on understanding of the business.'

Howard purchased a 100 machine package and, to help him onto his feet, SITB found the first 70 sites for these, meaning work and income came in from day one. From the machines already sited, Howard was able to distinguish the strongest sites and move those that were under-performing to positions that would generate more revenue.

'The benefit of SITB is that the machines can always be re-sited if they are not performing,' reveals Howard. 'This means I can go to where the business is rather than waiting for the business to come to me.'

After three years, Howard is happy with the level of income his business is generating, but reflects that the business can always have the potential to grow: 'The advantage with the franchise is that if I want to put in more time and take the business to another level, I will always have the opportunity to do that. SITB has changed my life dramatically. It has given me a lot more freedom in both my work and my free time.'