'Snack-in-the-Box has changed our lives'

With a simple yet effective business model, Snack-in-the-Box is a proven route to success as the stories of these following franchisees testify...

'Snack-in-the-Box has changed our lives'

By working together, Sisters-in-Law Lisa McGhee and Debbie Shrimpton are fulfilling their ambitions of running their own business with the help of Snack-in-the-Box (SITB). 'I'd been a dental nurse for 10 years and was thinking of a career change,' explains Lisa. 'At the same time, Debbie was also considering her future as a team leader for an energy company. We live nearby and get on very well, so it occurred to us to see if we could do something together.

'When we found the local SITB territory up for sale we jumped at the opportunity. The initial appeal of SITB was its simplicity as a business. We had never done anything like this before but we could really see ourselves running the business. SITB allows you to grow the business to as large as you want - it was ideal really.'

To confirm their thoughts, the pair contacted a number of existing franchisees. 'Everyone we spoke to talked very highly of the franchise and sounded like they really enjoyed running their own business,' says Lisa. 'It really gave us the confidence to go ahead and we launched the business in February.'

After a full week's training at head office and being out with a franchisee in a hands-on capacity, Lisa and Debbie were ready to begin building their business. As a re-sale, there was a two-week hand over process where they were introduced to existing customers as the new owners of the business, they were then able to make a start on securing new customers for themselves.

'We were new to canvassing but, following our training at head office and practical help in the field, after just one week we had 30 new customers,' Lisa reveals. 'It was a great start and getting out and about, meeting new people is one of the things about the business that I love.'

With their current goal to refine their business to secure the best customers they can, Lisa is looking forward to the future: 'Down the line we want to invest in a second van. There's a lot of potential in our territory and we really want to capitalise on that. If a problem ever arises we know that SITB will be on the case immediately - the support couldn't be better.

'SITB really has changed our lives. We can be so much more flexible with our time, which as a parent is fantastic, and the work is really rewarding, both in terms of profit and in letting us work for ourselves.'

'The benefits are top notch'

'I wanted a business that was simple to run, easy to manage and with great support, and I found all of this with Snack-in-the-Box (SITB),' reveals franchisee Kirk Little. 'When I met with the company I soon found that the business was everything I was looking for. After talking to other franchisees, I knew this business would be for me. SITB are very open and honest and were great in answering my questions.'

After moving to the Norwich area, Kirk decided that he wanted to do something different. Having owned a franchise 15 years previously, Kirk knew that franchising would be the best route for him.

'I looked at a number of brands but was immediately struck by SITB,' recalls Kirk. 'What really grabbed my attention was SITB's association with Cadbury. Everyone knows this brand, it's so well recognised. I knew that this association would be one of the best marketing tools I could wish for - the benefits are huge!'

Gaining a good understanding of the business by full head office training and following an existing franchisee, Kirk found that SITB fulfilled all of his criteria. He reports that he was able to pick up the business in no time at all.

As with all SITB vending franchisees, Kirk's business was able to get off to a great start with his initial allocation of machines being sited by the franchisor, enabling him to receive an income from day one. Kirk has since benefited from SITB's dedicated telesales team, which he reports as been very efficient in finding him new clients. 'The real benefit of SITB is that it's not as if you're trying to sell something to somebody,' explains Kirk. 'You're giving the machine away - there's no charge or contract. I've found that it makes it hard for the customer to say no to be honest! All I have to do is provide a professional service and re-stock the machine once a week and take the money. It's that simple!

Growing his business at a steady rate, Kirk has plans to re-invest his profit into more machines: 'Anywhere there are people, there is potential for a machine, and if I ever find that I need help with the development of the business I know that SITB will be there for me. The ongoing support has been superb. I can't fault it - it's top-notch!'