Use your Redundancy wisely! Beat the recession with Snack-in-the-Box

Despite the UK being in recession, SNACK-IN-THE-BOX (SITB) has continued to recruit and successfully launch new franchise owners' businesses. Sales Director Matt O'Neil reviews some positive news and aspects of running and owning a SITB franchise

One of the big questions that I am always asked when I am interviewing potential franchise owners is: "Will this work for me?" Maybe you are asking yourself the same question as you read this. I think the results speak for themselves. We have continued to successfully launch SITB franchises during the heights of the recession with great results.

Take for example SELF SERVICE BOX franchise owners Dave Bullough in Kent and David & Diane Vale in South Wales. It is great to report that both franchises broke the £2,000 per week barrier within six months of launching and continue to have healthy businesses. 2009 has also seen many SITB VENDING franchise owners invest in more machines to grow their business. We recently launched a VENDING business in the Western part of Northern Ireland with a fantastic take up rate for the SITB service.

It has also been encouraging during this period to see a number of franchise owners renewing their franchise agreements for a further five year term. Congratulations to John & Angela Vermiglio (VENDING) in Cork & Kerry, Colin Skidmore (BOX) in Sheffield and Simon & Catherine Webb (VENDING) in South London. We are proud to report that we have some long standing franchise owners that have renewed for a third term: congratulations to Maurice & Sandra Hemmingway (BOX) in Doncaster and Andy Hardwick (BOX) in Walsall.

While we have witnessed the reality of the effects of the recession on some small businesses, SITB still remains a sound business model. Kevin Bewick, who runs his vending franchise with Lisa Bolton in Newcastle, explains: "I recently lost one of my good customers to the recession. However, at least not all of my eggs are in one basket - I still have another 99 accounts! The great thing about the SITB business concept is that we have the ability to go out and find new business, unlike a lot of retail shops who are dependent on people walking through their door. It truly is an impulse buy and that gives us a recession-proof marketplace."

SITB has a product that people love. The UK economic climate has actually reinforced the SITB concept - people are still eating chocolate and crisps at work. When times get hard they love to comfort eat and keep some of their little luxuries in life and chocolate certainly seems to be one of them. SITB is an easy to learn and simple to operate system, with a strong brand and committed franchisor which is a full member of the British Franchise Association. The amount of businesses that love our service is incredible. We have customers from all walks of life and a recession-proof system which, combined with a great product and a strong support structure, makes for a winning formula. We are looking positively to the future.


  • Your first 150 customers
  • 265 Self Service Boxes + stock (pre-packed)
  • Vehicle livery and racking
  • Corporate clothing & stationery pack
  • Simple, proven formula
  • Successful 13 year track record
  • Easy to learn and manage
  • Comprehensive support services
  • Weekly repeat cash business
  • Guaranteed income
  • Customer base in month one
  • PDA plus software

Total Package £23,695 + VAT (Reclaimable)


  • 75 battery powered vending machines
  • 4 week on-site launch programme
  • Minimum of 50 machines sited and installed
  • Corporate clothing & stationery pack
  • Vehicle livery and racking

Total Package £40,465 + VAT (Reclaimable)

Snack-in-the-Box has officially welcomed these new franchise owners in 2009:
Patrick Wharton, Luton
Liam Kearney, Dublin South
Liam Clancy & Raivo, Dublin Central
Mike & Bridgette Parker, Gloucester
Brian Kelly, Derry, Donegal & Sligo
Matt Godfrey & Shelley McCabe, Gatwick Crawley
Martin Burke & Liz Grimes, Harrow
Stephen Doyle, Leeds
Jem & Debbie Bates, Peterborough
David & Dianne Vale, South Wales