Get your share of the billion pound vending industry

With low cost opportunities available, the option to work from home and the potential to earn a lucrative income – could a top vending franchise be the business for you?

Of those who responded to a survey conducted in the UK by the Automatic Vending Association in 2012, 99 per cent said they ‘liked’ chocolate. Moreover, 66 per cent of all chocolate is consumed as an inbetween meals snack.

With these impressive statistics and the fact that Britons work more hours (42.5 hours per week) than any other European country, the vending industry is one that is more recession-proof than most.

The vending industry first began a long way back in 215BC when a mathematician, Hero, invented a machine to vend holy water in Egyptian temples. Things have moved on, with £1.85 billion being spent by UK consumers in vending machines.

Consumers these days have high demands from a vending solution; they are used to high quality food and drinks available 24 hours a day, which are chilled and presented perfectly.

We only have to think how supermarkets are open 24 hours a day and sell immaculate fruit and vegetables, to know that things have changed.

Today we also all enjoy the café culture style of luxurious, go-large frothy hot drinks partnered with a sweet treat – indeed it’s even available in supermarkets while we shop. This consumer demand for choice, availability and quality but at affordable prices has put increasing pressure on the vending industry too. It has been forced to respond or otherwise lose customers and sales.

Vending equipment now ranges from compact functional machines for space-poor workplaces, to larger models with touchscreens and focus heavily on having a low carbon footprint with highly energy efficient features.

Vending franchise company Snack-in-the-Box is well positioned to tap into this growing market and also has the expertise to know what works, what consumers really want to buy from a vending machine and which machines are great workhorses that will bring profits and are not just a passing fad.

Snack-in-the-Box is part of the SnackTime plc, now the UK’s third largest vending company. First established in 2001, SnackTime plc now has over 30,000 vending customers across the UK and offers a variety of snack, crisp, chocolate and hot drink vending solutions in workplaces from 10 to 10,000 staff. Therefore, Snack-in-the-Box, a full bfa member for 16 years, is well positioned to be a vending franchise expert.

Helen Taylor, Marketing Manager of Snack-in-the-Box, comments: “It might sound a simple concept but vending is a precise science. Ensuring that each customer receives the right machine, that the product offering is optimised and that there is customer support are all vital to ensure a profitable vending service.

Being part of SnackTime plc vending group means that Snack-in-the-Box can offer its franchise owners vending expertise such as machine and product knowledge, IT support, sales and marketing support from the wider SnackTime group. They also benefit from SnackTime’s partnership with the major confectionery and snack brands such as Mars and Walkers.”

Vending machines, therefore, now offer a convenient, quality impulse buy wherever you are and the growth of this industry is set to continue.