Franchisee spotlight

Two years ago, when Kirsty Barber began looking for a business to break away from her previous 9-to-5 role, she stumbled across Spanish tutoring franchise, Spanish Amigos. Now, she enjoys spending much more time with her son, and is proud to admit Òshe has far less stress in her life".

In 2011, Kirsty had long been looking to change her life since her son was born three and a half years earlier. She said: "I took time off from my job and had a look at what was around. I was looking for a business that was family friendly and in the Edinburgh area and Spanish Amigos came up."

However for Barber, investing in a Spanish Amigos franchise satisfied her interests perfectly. "I have always had a bit of a passion for all things Spanish," she said. "In fact I'd tried to get my son lessons in Edinburgh before and was unable to find anywhere, so I had sort of done my research already."

Now, going into her third year of trading as a Spanish language tutorial business, she is hoping to make more money than ever before. She added: "I am nearly up to making the same amount as I did in my previous job, I have seen an increase in enquiries and families coming to us since I began."

She continued: "I think it would be a huge advantage for anyone looking to buy into this franchise to have a good understanding of Spanish. If a teacher is off sick, you usually end up as the cover, so you have to know what you're talking about."

For Barber, investing in Spanish Amigos has been a refreshing change: "I really enjoy the lifestyle I have now and that I get more time to see my son," she added. "I don't have the same stress in my life as I had before."