Achieve healthy profits with SpinaliS...

The franchise that makes a difference to its customers’ wellbeing

What is SpinaliS?

SpinaliS is not just a business proposition; it is a great value proposition for the buyer and user. It protects health and adds to overall well-being, two most important qualities of a human being.

The unique selling point of SpianliS is its product – a chair that enables active and healthy sitting by having a movable seat. This means that the back muscles are constantly engaged and are being strengthened. Through the concept of active sitting, the back and abdominal muscles are being strengthened, which is the basis for a healthy back.

SpinaliS, a retail franchise that offers:

  • Dedicated ongoing support
  • Award-winning products
  • Comprehensive training for you and your initial sales team
  • Proven marketing strategy and business model
  • A strong and expanding network
  • Huge market potential
  • The unique opportunity to make a difference to your customers wellbeing

Initial Investment from £40,000-£60,000 + VAT

“I left my personal training business and joined SpinaliS to develop its franchise network in the Czech Republic. In the beginning I particularly appreciated the marketing support and know-how offered from the team at SpinaliS Slovenia.

“By being a franchise owner I could make use of a further advantage: I didn’t have to invent and develop new sales models and strategies but could make use of reliable models and strategies, which were already tested and functioning. This saved me a lot of money and time and attracted a lot of business partners.

“After two years we expanded to the market of the Slovak Republic and in 2011 we had four company-owned shops and 18 sub franchises. In 2012 we are growing the SpinaliS brand further by expanding into Poland.”
Žaneta Badlíková, SpinaliS Master Franchise Owner of the Czech Republic