Active sitting for a healthy spine

Award-winning office chair specialist SpinaliS, is searching for passionate franchise owners to assist with its international retail expansion.

Since launching its retail opportunity in 1999, SpinaliS has quickly become a leading distributor of specialist office seating. With 23 SpinaliS stores – two of which are already franchised – successfully trading throughout Europe and the USA, company founder Tomaz Ham is eager to continue its expansion into the UK.

“After 11 very successful years in the market, we decided to share this business opportunity with people who wants to help others – to offer people a healthy way of sitting, thus preventing them from back pain,” explains Tomaz.

Through the business strategy of franchising, SpinaliS is broadening and strengthening its presence in international markets and is now seeking franchise owners in the UK to operate its retail opportunity.

“We are looking for honest, passionate, well-organised and dedicated individuals with a strong belief in the benefits of our product and the wellbeing of every user of a SpinaliS chair,” says Tomaz. “Experience in marketing and a strong knowledge and awareness of their local market is also advantageous.”

As a SpinaliS franchise owner, you will be responsible for managing your SpinaliS chair showroom, selling its unique product via presentations and promotions, and leading a team of Sales Manager, Agents and Assistants.

To equip franchise owners with the SpinaliS product knowledge and business know-how, they will receive comprehensive initial training and dedicated ongoing support from the highly experienced SpinaliS team.

The SpinaliS chair, which was named Best Buy office chair by The Independent Saturday magazine, has a range of nine different styles that can be used in a variety of settings including offices, special working environments such as dentists, at home and is currently being used on a trial basis in schools. With such a vast market to cater for and the awareness of physical wellbeing on the rise, now is the time to join the exciting and profitable retail opportunity that SpinaliS has to offer.

What is SpinaliS?

SpinaliS is not just a business proposition; it is a great value proposition for the buyer and user. It protects health and adds to overall well-being, two of the most important qualities for a person.

The uniqueness of the SpinaliS product – the chair that enables active and healthy sitting. The SpinaliS chair with a movable seat doesn’t allow passive sitting. This means that the back muscles are constantly engaged and are being strengthened. Through the concept of active sitting the back and abdominal muscles are being strengthened, which is the basis for a healthy back.

Written by Tiffany Brooking