StarBrite: "Make a BRITE START"

StarBrite is offering franchisees a highly successful model, developed over 18 years of trading within the cleaning chemical industry. We are committed to the success of our franchisees, and are proud to be the fastest growing cleaning chemical franchise in the UK.

In an industry that does not suffer the difficulties of a slow season or slump, and with a broad and varied client base to suit your background, we are offering you the opportunity to establish a stable and profitable business, with great potential for growth. You will not need any specific experience, as we provide comprehensive training and support to ensure that you can start and maintain your business with confidence.

If you would like to take on the challenge of running your own business, but want the support of a franchise behind you, we can give you the tools you need to become a success.

Comprehensive Training

StarBrite offers an intensive residential training programme, followed by on-the-job, one-to-one support. Our training course includes:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping Sales
  • Practical product guidance
  • Hands-on guide to marketing
  • Management training
As the feedback and success of our franchisees shows, we are genuinely committed to helping you succeed.

Multi-industry opportunity, to suit you

The cleaning product market within the automotive sector alone is worth £50 million, but as every business needs cleaning products, there are hundreds of other industries to choose from:

  • Leisure & Healthcare
  • Garages
  • Agriculture and Dairy
  • Vehicle Hire Agents
  • Government Offices
  • Car Dealers & Distributors
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Car & Commercial Valets
  • Docks & Marinas
  • Hauliers

Talking to Franchisees...

Stuart Webb - Northampton franchisee

Having spent 27 years working in healthcare, Stuart transferred his skills to a job in which he would have more independence and control over his career.

'With my background in healthcare, I wanted to buy into a business where I could use my skills and previous knowledge to my benefit.

'StarBrite were offering a very fair package, and prior to taking up the franchise I always felt they were friendly, and dedicated to helping their franchisees expand the business - approaching the relationship with a more personal and supportive focus to their competitors.

'The training has been comprehensive and the customers have been really happy with the products. I've had fantastic support and its now down to me to make it work. I'm really optimistic about the future.'

Darren Mitchell - Oxfordshire franchisee

Darren Mitchell came to StarBrite having worked as a quality technician for BMW.

'StarBrite were offering an attractive package. No management fees, no renewal fees, and I felt they were really personable, up front and honest in what they were offering.

'StarBrite has been really focused on helping me grow my business. During the first six months I received a lot of support from the franchise manager who visited a number of times, accompanying me on sales appointments, helping me with general admin and accounts.

I have been working with StarBrite for 2 years. It's been a real success, and I'm now taking on a secondary area. It was definitely the best decision I've made.