Reader's Lives

Slovenians Anja Gjergek and Mojca Celarc have committed to opening a chain of Stenders stores in their home country as a result of purchasing a copy of The Franchise Magazine

Q: Where did you pick up your copy of The Franchise Magazine?
A: We picked up our copy of the September 2008 edition (pictured, inset) in the WH Smiths in Stansted Airport.

Q: Were you already researching franchising?
A: We were already looking for a franchise so we bought the magazine to look at the opportunities available.

Q. What caused the Stenders profile to stand out?
A:'We were interested in finding a franchise providing natural cosmetics. When we read the article on Stenders, we were immediately intrigued. It was exactly what we were looking for.

Q. How did you get in touch with Stenders?
A:'We saw the Stenders' website adress in the magazine and went online to see it. On the site there is a franchise form, which we filled in and sent to Stenders' head office.

Q:'What were your initial impressions of Stenders' management team?
A: Our initial impression of the team was very good - they were very nice, professional and cooperative. They responded quickly and efficiently, all our questions were answered very fast and we were always happy with the answers.

Q. When do you launch and what are your targets for your business?
A:'We are planning to launch our first shop in Slovenia at the end of 2009.