A Day In The Life - SUBWAY's Rachel Shaw

SUBWAY franchisee, Rachel Shaw, owns and operates two stores in London, in West Wickham and Thornton Heath. The Franchise Magazine finds out how she spends a typical day as a franchise owner of one of Britain’s most successful businesses.

Most days I start with analysing the sales trends, customer count, and the productivity data from the previous day. The SUBWAY® brand has some great tools available to franchise owners.

I visit my first store and usually grab a coffee and a breakfast Sub – it sets me up for the busy day ahead! I sit with the Store Manager to ensure that they are clear on the daily targets and we spend some time re-capping on the previous day’s data, I ensure that all of the large order deliveries due out each morning have all been prepared, checked and are ready for dispatch. I repeat this with the supervisor from my second store.

I return to my office and log onto my business banking to review my cash flow; it is important for me to stay on top of this at all times. I check my emails and ensure that all operational updates are communicated to both my teams. This week we are providing work experience for two local teenagers for the London Borough of Croydon, so I have a little chat with each of them, discuss their current studies, what they can expect to get out of the work experience and how this will help in their chosen career paths in the future.

At least once every two weeks I have a one-on-one meeting with perspective new franchise owners that wish to look at the business model and I do a 20-minute question and answer session. I then have an hour-long meeting with my accountant, reviewing my last year’s accounts; he is pleased with the year-on-year sales and profit growth.

Lunch-times are our busiest period and I like to spend this time on the shop floor of whichever store that I am in for the day. Seventy per cent of my customers are regular customers so it’s always good to catch up with them.

I review the current marketing material that we have in place and ensure that it is in line with my company’s mission. I am working more and more on growing the large order side of our business and therefore spend some time on the design of some new leaflets and banners for our next event.

I am hoping to extend the opening hours of one of my stores and therefore need to apply for a licence. I now have to ensure that I have a recruitment plan in place for the additional operative hours of trade. I log onto the SUBWAY® brand’s centrally maintained recruitment site and review applications.

I have a town centre business meeting with a board of around 15 other businesses to discuss local initiatives along with up and coming events like our annual summer festival.

By this time I am usually at home with my family, however today I have been asked to attend a fund-raiser for vulnerable young women, I shall donate and deliver some platters. I am also one of three female entrepreneurs that have been asked to share their journey and story of success with the other women. It is always very rewarding to be able to give something back to my community and the youth of today.

I find that more and more of my time lately is spent within the community, this has helped to grow my business from strength to strength. I have also won the best local store marketing award for three years consecutively in London, and Franchisee of the Year for the last two years. I am very happy with my decision to invest in a franchise with the SUBWAY® brand.