Surelet: Improve your profits and your lifestyle with Surelet

With an improved and tested business system, Surelet has developed a franchise offering fast returns on investment while maintaining quality of life. Geoff Dobson explains

The profits and quality of life that franchisees enjoy are central to Surelet's new and improved business opportunity. 'This is not a 'here today and gone tomorrow' business,' assures Managing Director Colin Poole. 'Our growth is sustainable.

'We have built on the advantages that our sector holds. We know that the sector fairs better than others when there is a downturn in the economy. We know that the letting and management sector has grown vastly in the last 10 years and that the dynamics have changed for the better.'

Colin and his team have taken these advantages and developed a franchise proposition with many attractive and unique characteristics. 'To our way of thinking people investing with us need to see a profit quickly so we have built a system where they see the fastest possible return on their investment while maintaining quality of life,' says Colin. To achieve this the company has created a unique franchise formula which centralises the administration and allows franchisees to concentrate on what they do best - growing their own business.'

The key to this revolutionary approach is the Surelet Management Centre, which handles all property and tenant administration on behalf of the franchisees. The centre prepares legal documentation, obtains references on tenants, arranges safety checks, handles rent collection, chases non-payments and arranges any necessary repairs and maintenance, so franchisees don't have to get bogged down with any of these necessary but time consuming procedures.

'Another important thing is the way we help our franchisees to gain confidence by providing them with the means to achieve a professionally acknowledged qualification,' adds Marketing Manager Steve Doyle. 'We want our franchisees to be the best trained in the industry and we phase the training so that it comes at appropriate times rather than all at once. We find this helps franchisees retain more crucial information.'

We want you to be delighted with your choice of franchise when you join SureLet. So, we left nothing to chance.

We asked people what they were looking for... ...and then we gave them what they had asked for.

  • I would like to have the best chance of an early return on my investment.'
  • 'We want a vibrant company with exciting prospects for growth'
  • 'We want a confident entry to the profession with proper training'
  • 'A real business system is important. Not just a few jottings on a piece of paper'
  • 'Top branding would make a huge difference; professional yet exciting'
  • 'High standards in business are vital to us. Integrity is paramount'

That's why people from all walks of life are keen to join SureLet.

Surelet provides you with a unique residential lettings and property management system and have territories available all over the U.K and Northern Ireland.
We are waiting for motivated people to join us.