Susan Hepburn Clinics franchise opportunity coming soon to the UK

Established hypnotherapist Susan Hepburn will soon make available the Master Franchise rights for the UK, as she begins the international expansion of her highly successful business

Renowned hypnotherapist, Susan Hepburn is a world leading authority on weight loss and stop smoking methods operating a very successful Harley Street practice using the weight loss, stop smoking and other addictions methods she has personally developed and refined over the years.

Susan has more than 23 years’ experience treating clients with weight problems, working with individuals and corporate clients and has a success rate of over 96 per cent.

Once Susan Hepburn Clinics are established within the UK, further expansion is planned for the USA, Europe, China and Australia.

Susan says: “I am extremely confident that my business expansion will be successful both in terms of profitability and substantial benefits for all concerned. You do not need to be a hypnotherapist to run a clinic as all my methods will be provided in audio formats.

“My ultimate goal is for Susan Hepburn Clinics to be recognised as the number one brand in the vital drive to help individuals to quit smoking or other addictions and/or to achieve their target weight and to maintain it, using the Susan Hepburn methods.”

The Susan Hepburn Method

The Susan Hepburn Clinics offer genuine and highly effective services, which include helping clients to successfully lose weight and quit smoking and other addictions.

Susan says: “The Susan Hepburn Clinics are unique in that firstly, no one offers the same or similar methods and it has a leading proven track record of over 23 years of success.”

You only have to Google ‘Susan Hepburn’ to discover over 10 pages of why her methods are clearly in demand. Most dieters fail to lose weight as the majority of diet plans are quick-fix methods with unrealistic and, in some cases, unhealthy demands.

One of the reasons Susan’s weight loss treatment is so effective is because it is not a diet, it is training for a lifetime of a normal healthy relationship with food.

In Susan’s sessions she reprogrammes the mind to enjoy exercise, have a preference for clean, light healthy food and expels cravings for junk food and snacks.

The Susan Hepburn method offers smokers exactly what most of them are looking for, the opportunity to stop smoking once and for all. After a single one-hour treatment, clients feel no desire for a cigarette, no withdrawal symptoms, no irritability and no urge to snack. This means no more smoking, no matter how many cigarettes a day the client smoked previously, and no weight gain as a result of quitting.

Why franchising?

Franchising has been chosen as the ideal method for expanding Susan Hepburn Clinics and the most effective way of finding potential business partners of the required calibre.

Susan is looking for professional, established and passionate companies or highly successful entrepreneurs to begin the launch of the Susan Hepburn Clinics.

As a Master Franchise Owner, you will oversee the management of franchised UK clinics, ensuring each is closely following the business model.

The Master Franchise Owner does not have to be a hypnotherapist as they will be fully trained in how to operate and market the new business, deliver the Susan Hepburn addiction cessation and weight control techniques to individuals or groups and any other new treatments that will be introduced in the future. Ongoing business development training, marketing initiatives and support will help keep the business moving in the right direction and assist with the growth of the business.

Great market potential

For the New Year, many people will be thinking about their New Year’s resolutions which they hope to fulfil during the course of the coming year. In the UK, some of the most popular resolutions include quitting smoking, cutting down alcohol consumption and losing weight. With 12 million smokers in the UK and polls showing that two thirds of these smokers would like to quit, that gives a potential client base of 8 million individuals in the UK who want to stop smoking, with the extra incentive of keeping that New Year’s resolution.

The potential client base for weight loss clients is even greater, with millions joining weight loss clubs, gym memberships on the rise and the introduction of diet assistant pills, it is clear that the UK wants to slim down. However, these do not tackle the main problem – the mind. The Susan Hepburn method uniquely does this. Unlike other weight loss methods, the Susan Hepburn method offers a staggering 96 per cent success rate. With global obesity levels higher than ever, there is a need to fill this gap in the market.

This franchise opportunity offers fully comprehensive training and a massive clientele market.

Applications are now invited from established UK and overseas organisations and successful entrepreneurs looking for an extremely profitable business concept that will be welcomed in all leading shopping malls and high street locations nationwide.

Reported by Tiffany Brooking