Susan Hepburn Clinics

An accredited Hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, Susan Hepburn has successfully treated thousands of smokers (non smokers) over the past 18 years and has made several TV and Radio appearances to discuss her stop smoking techniques. Having built up a hugely successful business, Susan has franchised the business so she can help even more people to become non-smokers.

Susan Hepburn is searching for enthusiastic individuals to build their own stop smoking clinics and lead the brand in its UK franchise development. These special people will have a genuine interest in helping people to stop smoking using Susan Hepburn's proven stop smoking method, be professional and able to relate to clients on a confidential basis, possess the drive and personal motivation needed to make the business a success and be a team player.

Experience as a Hypnotherapist is not needed. Successful candidates will benefit from Susan Hepburn's specialist training and experience. You will be fully trained in how to operate and market your new business and in how to deliver Susan Hepburn Stop Smoking techniques and weight control to individuals or groups. Ongoing business development training, marketing initiatives, and support will help keep your business moving in the right direction and assist with the growth of the business.

'Our ultimate aim,' states Susan, 'is to have a national and indeed international network of Susan Hepburn Clinics that are respected for the work they do and recognised as the number one brand in the vital drive to help individuals to achieve their goal to quit smoking.'

  • Vast potential with an enormous supply of prospective and eager clients.
  • Those granted a Susan Hepburn franchise will be individuals considered able to develop it successfully.
  • Because we have a vested interest in your success we will support you in every way.
  • A genuine opportunity for professional individuals to make a difference in helping people to stop smoking.
  • The Susan Hepburn method offers smokers exactly what they are looking for - the opportunity to stop smoking once and for all.