Growth in demand for Spanish food provides perfect franchise opportunity

Spain’s vibrant culture, good weather and quality food has helped it to attract thousands of British tourists year after year. Now, with Spanish food overtaking the sale of Italian as the most popular Mediterranean cuisine in supermarkets, it seems that Britons are keen to replicate the Spanish dishes they enjoy on holiday back home.

In a recent article published in The Telegraph (Spanish food starts to overtake Italian, 10 June 2011), it was reported that at Tesco two tons of chorizo, a Spanish paprika spiced cured sausage, is sold every week compared to 0.4 of its Italian cured meat counterpart, Parma ham.

As well as Tesco, the article reports that Spanish food sales have also increased at Asda and Marks & Spencer. It states that in Asda paella, a Spanish rice dish, is outselling risotto two to one, and Marks & Spencer is selling 15 packs of paella for every one pack of lasagne.

It is not just at home that Britons are choosing to eat Spanish inspired meals - it is becoming increasingly popular with those eating out as well. A quick search for Spanish restaurants in London brought up over 100 results from one website alone, and nearly every town and city in the UK has at least one restaurant specialising in Spanish cuisine.

With the popularity of Spanish food on the rise, Tapeo BCN has chosen the perfect time to launch its franchise into the UK. A Spanish-themed restaurant, Tapeo BCN has already reached agreements to open its first two UK locations, one in London and another in Norwich, and is looking for franchise owners to open restaurants in other major cities throughout the UK.

Tapeo BCN restaurants serve authentic modern Spanish dishes, including paellas, Spanish omelette and Iberian ham. Each restaurant also includes an extensive wine list designed to suit a range of tastes and budgets.

As well as opening restaurants in the UK, Tapeo BCN is also planning to launch locations across Europe. The company opened its first ever franchise in Perpignan, France last spring, and it is planning to open locations in Germany and Scandinavia soon. Within 12 months Tapeo BCN is planning to have 20 restaurants operating in major cities across Europe.

J.C. Cidoncha, CEO of Tapeo BCN, said: “It is, without any doubt, in times of crisis that the best business opportunities arise. Tapeo BCN is currently one of the best investment opportunities in the restaurant sector, as it offers an innovative, modern, quality version of Spanish culture.”

Written by Derin Clark