A delicious concept with the recipe for success

Tapeo BCN is a new concept for a Spanish tapas restaurant – 100 per cent internationally orientated and associated with the modern style and the famous gastronomic level of the city of Barcelona

In the last four years, a yearly average of more than 14 million British citizens visited Spain – that is 23 per cent of the British population in only one year!

As a result, the demand in the UK for Spanish cuisine – among the tastiest and most varied in the world – has never been higher. Tapeo BCN is set to tap into this market for mouth watering Mediterranean food with a restaurant franchise opportunity offering customers cosy spaces, which have been specially designed to ensure they can enjoy their meals in a relaxed atmosphere among walls decorated with unusual details from the city of Barcelona.

Tapeo BCN opened its first restaurant last spring in the heart of Perpignan, in France, and now aims to open a franchise network of 20 restaurants in major European cities over the next year. In summer 2011, Tapeo BCN reached agreements to open its first two restaurants in the UK – one in London, and the second in Norwich – and has plans to launch franchises in Germany and Scandinavia soon.

Tapeo BCN represents a great business opportunity for entrepreneurs who enjoy gastronomy and are attracted to the tastes and culture of Spain, where customer service orientation is paramount. Previous experience of managing restaurants is not necessary, as Tapeo BCN provides comprehensive training and support from its enthusiastic head office team in Barcelona, who have a wealth of experience in the themed restaurant sector.

Tapeo BCN´s menu consists of 100 per cent Spanish products, which range from the most popular such as paellas, Spanish omelette, Iberian ham, Galician boiled octopus and garlic prawns, to specialities including roasted lamb shoulder or codfish in pil pil sauce. The food is complemented by Tapeo BCN’s extensive wine list, designed to satisfy the most demanding palates.

J.C. Cidoncha, CEO of Tapeo BCN, says: “It is, without any doubt, in times of crisis that the best business opportunities arise. Tapeo BCN is currently one of the best investment opportunities in the restaurant sector, as it offers an innovative, modern, quality version of Spanish cuisine.”

Healthy food will lead to healthy profits

The Mediterranean diet is based on certain eating habits, which have sustained the people of the countries on the Mediterranean shores for centuries. Doctors and nutritionists both agree that it is one of the healthiest diets and one that provides the greatest life expectancy and quality of life.

Spain is the kitchen garden of Europe, where the year-long sunshine nurtures an abundance of fresh produce, cereals, vegetables, mushrooms, meat and fish, cheese, fruit and nuts filled with flavour. The country is also a leading producer of a series of food that enjoy international acclaim – ham, wine, olive oil and its ever-popular national dishes.

In association with its franchise owners, Tapeo BCN plans to make its restaurants windows to Spain in countries across the world.