TaxAssist Accountants: Become a white collar professional

Already seeking to own a second TaxAssist Accountants franchise after the success of his first, Mark Linney talks to Adam Browning about life in self-employment

Formerly a Director of a large international company, Mark Linney always had a desire to become self-employed. In May last year he realised that dream with a TaxAssist Accountants franchise, which is exceeding all his expectations.

'Rather than starting my own business, I decided that I wanted to benefit from the security and backing that a good franchise group can provide,' reveals Mark. 'I was looking for a professional services franchise and with my experience in the field, I was drawn to accountancy.'

Discovering TaxAssist Accountants at a franchise exhibition, Mark followed the initial meeting with a visit to the company's Norwich-based head office where he recalls gaining a very good feel for the organisation. 'They really wanted me to make the right decision and were very helpful in introducing the business to me,' he says. 'I knew that this was the opportunity I was looking for and invested in the franchise within a short time.'

Expert training is provided by BPP Professional Education, which is considered the UK's leading accountancy and taxation tutor. Mark enthuses: 'The training was excellent. From a non-accountant's perspective it was great in getting me started. It covers everything you need to know based upon your previous experience. It is tailored to the level of your needs and always accommodates every skill level.' TaxAssist Accountants franchisees benefit from a highly publicised website, national advertising campaigns and the use of a contracted tele-marketing company, all of which, Mark says, generate a high level of business for him. 'TaxAssist Accountants has great brand value. It's something I consider extremely important for a successful business.'

Launching his business from offices in Liverpool city centre, Mark reveals that work came in right from the beginning. It was in December however, that things really took off when Mark invested in a second office - this time a 'shop-front' office. 'The shop-front model is perfect for catering to the desired market sector,' he adds. 'It is fantastic in gaining new business and with such high visibility, practically advertises itself. I have to say that at the moment I'm even having trouble meeting the demand for my business! Since we opened the shop-front, it's been amazing - we've signed 24 clients already this month and we're not even halfway through.'

With his business experiencing fast development, Mark praises the support and backing he has received from TaxAssist Accountants. 'It is exactly as I was hoping,' he states. 'TaxAssist Accountants has delivered everything that it promised from day one. We have regular visits from a Franchise Development Manager who goes over the business model with us and makes sure we're on track. We also benefit from TaxAssist Accountants' support help line - the whole team are there to help you.'

Having developed his business in such a short space of time, Mark reports that TaxAssist Accountants delivers a great deal of opportunities to develop and grow your business. Looking to the future, he has ambitious growth plans of opening further shops in the city centre. 'For someone looking for a white-collar opportunity, I would definitely recommend TaxAssist Accountants,' he reflects. 'The role requires you to have drive and ambition and to be self-motivated but everything else in the business is already in place - your success will be what you do with it.'